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Adrian Marcelo sends an emotional message to his grandmother: “The best thing that has happened to us”

Driver Adrian Marcelo took advantage of a space in the program of which he is the owner in multimedia, Adrian Marcelo Presents, to send an emotional message to your granny, aurora.

It turns out that the relative of the also youtuber experiencing a health problemso he explained: “My grandmother is a little sick and I hadn’t seen her lately, but today I saw her, I ran into her. and I see her very well, however is in intermediate care”.

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Then, Adrian Marcelo: “My grandmother Aurora, Boris, as I have told her all my life, I send her all my strength and I dedicate this program to her, and I dedicate everything I do for the rest of my life to her.”

Likewise, the driver pointed out that his grandmother “always watches us, always watches the program and He is someone who has always supported me and the whole family. She indisputably she is the matriarch and she is always there to support everyone”.

“I remember that as a child he gave me 20 pesos and told me: ‘Don’t let them know that I gave it to you’, you know what grannies are like. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us, both her children and her grandchildren,” she recalled.

Finally, Adrian commented: “I love you, I adore you Aurora with all my being. She goes to you grandma, I adore you with all my heart, I love you with all my being. Get well.”

“I adore you with all my being, you are going to be very well, today I talked with you, I am sure that although you are not going to be with me at my wedding, you are going to be at home recovering, we are going to take care of you and I am going to send you in best video. In New Year I will be there hugging you, we will have more moments together. I love you, we all do it and you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to us in history, in our lives. You are an exceptional human being and we learn from you every day.”.


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