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Adrián Marcelo announces his departure from the ‘SNSerio’ program; between tears, so he said goodbye

Adrian Marcelo, driver multimedia and of SNSerio Program, broke down crying announcing that he will leave the television broadcast to focus on a facet that you were previously afraid of: the comedy. We tell you what the famous presenter shared.

It was during the most recent broadcast of SNserious where Adrián Marcelo shared that his stage on television as a driver has come to an end. Visibly moved, He explained the reasons for his departure and thanked his colleagues, bosses and the company for having sheltered him for a long time.

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The celebrity mentioned that he cannot leave without thanking all the people with whom he worked on channel six. He explained that although he will no longer be on television, he will continue with his podcast:

“It’s my last show on SNSerio. Simply my workload lately, and the channel is my priority, and Master Chavana said it right, if you’re here, you’re here. You won’t be able to find me on the screen, but I’ll be there on Wednesdays at Adrián Marcelo presents, I’ll be waiting for you there with a different style. I really like this facet of mine. I could not stop thanking the producers, whoever escapes me, especially you who wrote to me that the engineer and I made the night for them, “he shared.

In this sense, Marcelo shared that he has learned a great deal. He also apologized for the times in interviews that he threw awkward questions:

“I am a television host and if I have to thank you for this, it is channel six, Multimedios, my home. The learning that I take away is very broad. I appreciate that they put up with me, my sometimes morbid, tendentious, strident way of formulating questions, I offer an apology if at any time I offend someone. It was never my intention,” she added.

Finally, Adrián Marcelo shared that he will direct his career in comedy and hopefully he will not regret this decision:

“I want to direct my career towards comedy. I want to continue as a great driver and I will never forget my career in SNSerio. Thank you Mr Chapa. In my house I will remember the space they gave me. I hope I never regret this decision, ”he expressed.


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