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Adrian Grenier marries longtime love Jordan Rommel in idyllic Moroccan ceremony

Adrian Grenier is married! Devil Wears Prada The actor tied the knot with his longtime love, Jordan Romelle in a solemn ceremony in Morocco. Both wore shades of white for the idyllic ceremony, which was set against a desert backdrop.

In New photos shared by PeopleGrenier and Rommel are seen sharing a kiss as the actor drapes in a cream-colored dress while his bridesmaid wears a white, sleeveless gown with ruffle detailing.

The romantic desert ceremony didn’t go as planned, however, Grenier told the outlet that the couple decided to go on vacation with friends in the North African country.

“It wasn’t planned,” Grenier told People, “We ran into the Atlas Mountains while on vacation with friends in Morocco.”

The wedding was so fast-paced that the couple did not even have rings, but string was used instead.

“We took the seriousness of that moment and decided to tie the knot – literally, we didn’t have rings so the string used for the rings,” he said.

In another scene, Rommel is seen holding a bouquet of roses in one hand and Grenier’s hand with the other as the happy couple are showered with rose petals by their lovely guests.

Grenier shared, “We were accompanied by a group of incredible friends, all of whom immediately stood behind us and embraced the spontaneity of the moment.” “They put so much love and effort into making a marriage out of thin air.”

Grenier’s friend, musician, RY X, stepped in to perform the ceremony click bait The actor shared that he was “held on his cell phone over dinner.”

“Good thing we had WiFi,” quipped Grenier, before sharing that RYX even sang for the couple during the wedding.

“We couldn’t have planned a better wedding if we tried!” He added.

Grenier shared more photos of the ceremony on Instagram on Thursday, as he traveled to reach his and Rommel’s love story and the altar.

“I’ve always been a romantic. I’ve had a pure vision of love ever since I was born. My essential core was a dream to one day bond with another. I actually saw my mother when I was only 8 years old. Declared, “Mom, I’m a ladies man!,” he wrote alongside a photo slideshow of snaps from his big day.

He continued, “But like any great love story I got off track. I was blind and numb, lost in the shadows. Fear, cynicism, surrounded by so many, but alone.”

That all changed for the actor and environmentalist when, he says, Rommele came to life.

“You came into my life and with a cosmic wall over my soul, and I was taken back in love. You woke me up, and I remembered … I am a lady man. And you are my one woman, Grenier said.

Texas Transplant talks about his relationship with Rommel in May 2021 interview Austin Life magazine, Discussing their move to the Austin-area ranch, Grenier told the magazine, her desire to share her new life with someone helped propel their relationship.

“When I decided I wanted to settle in Texas I knew all I wanted was to have a partner to live that experience with me, that’s where Jordan comes in. We have a long history, and I Said, ‘I’m in love, and if you are I want to make something together too.’ Thankfully, she was interested. We negotiated on terms of heart, and decided we’d get some ground,” Grenier said at the time. “She’s going to school for acupuncture, so while we were trying to build a house in a camper indefinitely, it didn’t work for her, so we ended up looking for a home – And fell in love with this place that’s just far outside Austin for us to have the nature we were looking for, but still have enough to go to school.”

“It had great infrastructure but it wasn’t that nice and clean enough that we couldn’t put our mark on it and make it our own. We’re bringing it back to life,” Grenier added of his Texas home.

Grenier and Romelle were first linked back in November 2017, and have not hesitated to share their love with the world since their move to Austin, with both the 45-year-old actor and the 27-year-old wildlife enthusiast in attendance. each other’s Instagram accounts in recent years.

For more information on Grenier, watch the video below.

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