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Adele reveals she was in a secret post-divorce romance, explains why it ended


Adele, who is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul, revealed her first post-divorce romance didn’t last because she “couldn’t be consistent” with the mystery man.

Adele spilled the tea about her divorce from Simon konecki while promoting his next album, 30, all the month. And in a new interview with The face, the 33-year-old singer revealed she was romantically involved with someone a year after the split, but before she started seeing her current brother-in-law Rich Paul. “It was, like, scrambling as fast as possible to get my life back on track, so that I could feel normal again,” she said. “I wasn’t dating anyone. There was someone I loved – who I wasn’t in love with, but loved so much, and had been for years – but I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t in my own storm.

Adele during an NBA game in Los Angeles on October 19, 2021 (Photo: Allen J Schaben / Los Angeles Times / Shutterstock)

The “Easy On Me” singer admitted that she “couldn’t give herself properly” to this lover, whose name she did not disclose in the interview. “I couldn’t be consistent, and neither could he,” Adele explained. “It was not good to leave a marriage and go out together a year later. Even if you to feel ready, it’s a gaping and open wound whether you go or you are gone. So it was rather this person who asked me to throw myself into it. And I couldn’t because I was still recovering from my marriage breakdown.

Adele said she couldn’t help but “associate him with my marriage breakdown, so he’s part of the storm.” The Grammy winner added, “And I was just, you know, really honest with him about that, thank goodness. Otherwise I could have found myself in a situation that I didn’t want to be after. I’ve become very aware of patterns that I’ve been repeating over and over since I was 16 and 17 – not necessarily in relationships or, you know, intimate relationships, but also my relationship with my friends sometimes.

Adele at the Brit Awards in London on February 24, 2016 (Photo: David Fisher / Shutterstock)

Adele’s heartbreak over the divorce is fully highlighted in her new album, which drops Friday, November 19. One of her new songs, “My Little Love”, even contains emotional vocal notes from her son. Angelo, 9, consoling the superstar in the aftermath of the divorce, which was finalized in March 2019 after two years of marriage. Other ballads that Adele sings in her album include “Strangers by Nature,“”Wait ”,“ Be loved ”and“ I drink wine ”.

Fortunately, Adele has found love again thanks to Rich Paul. She spoke about the sports agent – who represents James lebron – in his recent interview with Oprah aired on CBS on November 14. “He’s just hilarious. And very smart. You know, he’s very, very smart, ”the mother-of-one explained. “It’s pretty amazing to see him do what he’s doing.”

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