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Adele bursts into tears as ex-English teacher catches her on live broadcast – Watch


Adele had the surprise of a lifetime when she realized that her former English teacher was in the audience during her special “Audience with Adele”. Adele cried as she hugged the woman who “inspired” her years ago.

During ITV An audience with Adele special, Emma thompson demand Adele if she had had someone when she was younger who “inspired” and “supported” her. Adele does not hesitate in her response. “Yes, I had a teacher in Chestnut Grove who taught me English. It was Miss McDonald», Reveals Adele to the public.

Emma asks if they are still staying in touch. Adele explains that Miss McDonald left when she was 8 and has not seen her since. She notes that her former teacher “made her obsessed” with literature.

Adele continues, “She was so cool. So engaging. She really made us take care and we knew she cared about us and stuff like that…” Emma soon reveals that Miss McDonald is actually in the audience in this. moment Miss McDonald gets up from her seat and walks towards the stage to see her former student.

The “Easy On Me” singer starts to cry when she sees Miss McDonald after all these years. They share a sweet hug on stage. “I’m so proud of you,” Miss McDonald told Adele, who couldn’t stop crying.

Adele says Miss McDonald looks “exactly the same”. Miss McDonald shares that she no longer teaches. “I’m just looking after my family,” she says. She even brought her two kids to the show, and they wave to Adele.

Adele on her ITV special “An Audience with Adele”. (ITV)

Adele’s tears continue to flow. “Thanks for remembering me,” Miss McDonald said to Adele. The Grammy winner replies that her teacher “has really changed my life.” Adele doesn’t want this to be the last time she sees Miss McDonald. She asks her teacher for her number.

Before her next performance, Adele had to have her makeup touched up after crying so much during that epic reunion. The special concert featured the singer singing old hits and new songs from her latest album 30. Besides Emma, ​​stars like Idris elbe and Emma watson were present.

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