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Adela Micha says that she was not invited to Silvia Pinal’s tribute after controversy

This August 29, a tribute was made to Silvia Pinal to remember her long and successful career. Several personalities close to the actress and her family gathered at this event. And although Adela Micha asked to be present, access was denied.

It must be remembered that a few months ago, when Silvia Pinal tested positive for covid-19, Adela Micha made a controversial comment, as she assured that the actress could die at any time. The family of the famous did not like this and they cut off the friendship they had with the journalist.

And everything indicates that the relationship between the Pinals and Adela Micha still cannot be fixed, since recently on their program the saga, The driver said that she was not invited to Silvia Pinal’s tribute.

The journalist commented that someone in the public He questioned him if he received an invitation to the event that took place in Fine Arts and this mentioned.

“Someone was telling me around here that if I wasn’t invited, no. In fact, we asked for accreditation from La Saga so that we could go cover it and they told us no”.

Despite this, the driver pointed out that she was pleased that Silvia Pinal had received a tribute and that The actress’s family was present at this special moment.

“But it gives me great pleasure, I saw her well, in a wheelchair, but she moved her little feet. She was super complete, she did everything, that’s how actresses used to be, ”she commented.

After the comment that Adela Micha made about Silvia Pinal, the journalist mentioned on different occasions that she tried look for the daughters of the famous to apologize, but it did not turn out as he wanted.

“Alejandra was very upset with me, Pasquel too and the truth is that I am very sorry because they are good friends of mine, well they were good friends. But in reality we all work on this, I love Silvia Pinal very much, I admire her deeply”.


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