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Adela Micha remembers a fight with Figueroa for saying that Carlos Slim gave her an apartment: “I got pissed off”

Adele Michaelfamous journalist and owner of the project the sagaremembered the time It was rumored that Carlos Slim had allegedly given him an apartment in an important place in Mexico City. The also driver He assured that everything was the fault of Martha Figueroa, whom he claimed and confronted about the issue. It was a lie?

It was in an interview for the parrotwhere Adela Micha responded to the controversial news from years ago where she was involved with Carlos Slim.

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According to the testimony of Adele Michael, a few years ago he had a strong problem with Martha Figueroa to say in a newspaper column that allegedly Carlos Slim had given the journalist an apartment in Mexico City.

“We work for the same company, I had radio on Imagen and she on a television program, she also wrote a column in the newspaper, obviously I neither see nor read nor listen to Martha Figueroa”, mentioned Adela Micha.

However, he found out about her writing and with the newspaper in his hand he went to look for her to confront her.

“I started to get pissed off with Martha Figueroa, because we are partners. So easy that it would have been for her to ask me, if she had given it to me she would have said so, but that was not the case. That was a blowjob ”, added Adela Micha.

But what was it that happened? According to his testimony, Figueroa became close friends with an ex-boyfriend of Adela Michawhom he invited to a party in which managed to reunite Slim and Carlos Monsivais in a department of Donceles. At that moment, Micha’s ex lost his cups so he decided to finish it:

“I was very upset because I just broke up with this ex-boyfriend and I broke up precisely because of a dinner I had in that Donceles department with Carlos Slim and Carlos Monsivais… because Carlos Slim always told me that he wanted to meet him, so I made the match and I invited them to dinner.

I stupidly invited my ex-boyfriend who stupidly missed the drinks, all wrong, “he said.

He also explained that Martha Figueroa ended up being very close friends with her ex, so he believes that where the lie that Slim had given him the apartment came from his ex-lover.

“That day we thundered and coincidentally these two became very good friends -her ex-boyfriend and Martha Figueroa-, so I said, who did the information come from?… from this bastard, but Carlos Slim never gave me anything. She had written that Carlos Slim had given me an apartment in Donceles. Carlos Slim was a very good friend of mine, I still consider him a great friend, although I haven’t seen him for a long time,” Adela Micha clarified.

Laughing, the journalist reiterated that Slim did not give her any apartment, since the millionaire he does not give away even a “Sanborns pompom”:

“Carlos Slim does not give away even a pompom from Sanborns,” concluded Adela Micha.


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