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Adela Micha criticizes Gustavo Adolfo Infante after controversy; she advises Vega-Biestro: “get out of there for dignity”

Adele Michaelfamous journalist, reacted to the controversy between Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado. And the theme is became a trend and uncovered the problem of workplace harassment. From Micha’s position, the television station had to put a stop to the situation, beyond the apologies and Vega-Biestro I should stop broadcasting for dignity.

After the theme of Gustavo Adolfo Infante became a trend, as he threatened his partner Vega-Biestro Due to a difference of opinion, the journalist Adela Micha made her opinion known on the subject. She regretted what happened and showed her support for the drivers of Sale el Sol.

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According to Adela Micha’s position, what happened during the live broadcast of Sale el Sol is “terrible” and criticized the television station for not handling the situation correctly.

“These are unacceptable behaviors, these outbursts cannot be done in public, that cannot happen. You owe respect to the public”, sentenced Adela Micha.

He stated that the attitude of Gustavo Adolfo Infante was incorrect, but also of the television station by not putting real sanctions on the subject. Well, it was clear that the company supported him by leaving it still on the air.

“After passing this on national television, you say – wait for me a little bit – that should not happen in a company,” he added.


Regarding Joanna Vega-Biestro, the journalist said that out of dignity she should leave the program, in addition to asking for her liquidation, since she was “attacked” on national television.

“Whoever is there means that the company said you stay and you too. At that moment she should have said, well, I’m going. Those outbursts can’t be done. It can’t happen. You should go, but if he stays, let them go. They have the trade or propose another program.

Joanna had to say ‘I’m leaving’, that she wouldn’t be short of a job, I don’t think so. I can imagine the tension. Why do you want to do a program where no one can see anyone? No Joanna, get out of there I think now for dignity, “concluded the journalist.


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