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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Adamari appears dancing, but it goes wrong and they criticize her movements

  • The Puerto Rican conquers hearts again with eccentric dance
  • Adamari López receives criticism for her movements
  • She appears in a sensual and very close dance with a mysterious man

Adamari appears dancing: The most beloved Puerto Rican on television, she is perhaps one of the most eccentric personalities and with the largest number of followers on Instagram. Adamari López takes advantage of every opportunity she has to record a new reel, whether it’s telling a joke or dancing.

The problem is that her millions of followers do not always flood her with good comments, since most of the time her haters criticize her harshly, either for her past or her dance moves as they have previously done, here the images.

Adamari appears dancing: He does a great choreography

Yesterday, the young mother published a reel where she dances to the Jason Derulo Slidin’ song, but she was not alone, because in the video she was accompanied by television personalities Yartiza Medina and Alejandra Jaramillo.

In the video we can see the Puerto Rican in the middle of the two actresses, but something went wrong, because instead of positive comments raining down on her, many people appeared criticizing her dance steps, and many also assured that the Puerto Rican should take dance classes, will it be? Filed Under: Adamari appears dancing

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