Adam Sandler responds to video of waitress rejecting him from IHOP on viral TikTok

A few days ago we told you about the viral video of TikTok in which a waitress rejected Adam Sandler of a IHOP And now, almost a week later, the actor decided to answer and said why he left.

And it is that, at least on TikTok, the video already has more than 11.1 million views, so that surely the actor already saw the video.

In the pictures, Sandler, who was accompanied by his daughter, left the restaurant, after the young waitress told him that there was a wait of approximately 30 minutes.

A lots of recognized Sandler’s positive attitude, who decided to leave the place and They said that the waitress did not reject him, because he only indicated the waiting time like any other client.

However, the young woman was embarrassed not to recognize the actor, until she saw the security cameras.

The young woman, named Dayanna Rodas said that she did not recognize him, because Sandler wore a beard, something that the actor does not always use and “the mask did not help,” said the young woman.

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Adam Sandler took to Twitter to reply to his viral video, from TikTok, being “rejected” from an IHOP.

Just for the record, I left IHOP because the kind woman told me that the “all you can eat” promotion didn’t apply to my shakes, “the actor joked.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the viral video of Adam Sandler on IHOP.

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