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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Actress Roseanna Christiansen dies at 71

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  • Roseanna Christiansen dies at 71
  • The actress was remembered for appearing in “Dallas and The Jeffersons”
  • “Spent enough time here to plant the seeds of love”

Actress Roseanna Christiansen dies. Many will remember this year of 2022, for the incredible number of celebrities who have lost their lives, being some stars who won the hearts of millions with their performances. In the middle of the year, another death has been released in the entertainment world that has left many surprised.

On this occasion, social networks were paralyzed when the death of the beloved actress, Roseanna Christiansen, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 71, was announced. The celebrity is remembered for appearing in the Dallas and The Jeffersons series, according to The Sun.

Actress Roseanna Christiansen dies

Actress Roseanna Christiansen dies

It is worth mentioning that the television star of the 1980s lost his life on July 14 at the Antelope Valley Medical Center in Lancaster, California. However, the sensitive news was released only in this month of August, where the causes of death have not been disclosed.

Many fans who saw her performance on television remembered her fondly and could not believe what had happened to the actress. Despite this, the vast majority of them took the opportunity to say their last goodbye to the artist who knew how to win the hearts of millions of viewers throughout her career.

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