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Actress Maria Duval passed away at the age of 95

Actress Maria Duval passed away at the age of 95

Maria Mogilsky died, artistically known as the . is referred to as Marie Duvala, actress who knew how to work with figures like mirtha legrandNext week (17 May) he would have turned 96.

“She was surrounded by family, peace and quiet,” she said. bugle One of the grandsons, Federico Grossman.

“The Duval mystery is perhaps the most undiscovered mystery of Argentine entertainment. A riddle, almost a surreal story. A woman glowing in her forties in black and white, who is its cover radioland and star with a million-dollar contract, but who married in 1948, left the film industry and made a living inside the walls”, the note begins. bugle With the actress, formed at the end of 2020.

Maria Duval, a repeated figure in entertainment magazines of the time such as "Radiolandia" or "Antenna".

Maria Duval, a repeated figure in entertainment magazines of the time such as “Radiolandia” or “Antenna”.

Journalism loses track of him, the surname thinning, until it is revealed that he lives in Belgrano, is 94 years old and misses each film surgically. “Here I am, full of life and love. What I experienced was a great fantasy.”

Duval is actually Mogileschi (“without” V The Archives Repeat”), a queen of those crisp tapes shot during World War II.

it started too small

She was 14 years old when she was cast for the lead role Lullaby, Film directed by Gregorio Martínez Sierra (1941) which was released in Hollywood in 1933 (lullaby) with Dorothea Wieck. He shot 21 films. At that rate, I would have found 50 more bodies, but some cut the road. At the age of 22, he fled from success to try a “more worldly life”.

Maria Duval with Juan Carlos Thori.

Maria Duval with Juan Carlos Thori.

From acting popularity to social volunteering. to work with Juan Carlos Thori, Elsa O’Connor, Mecha Ortiz, Amelia Bynes Disappearing from the radio and magazines and walking side by side with the unsung heroes of the Israeli hospital.

She was in charge of volunteer service, she assisted doctors, she visited rooms to monitor patients’ needs. Gold and mud. A way to “give up” imaginary glamor, to test oneself, to test oneself. “I was so comfortable and happy that I needed to help out,” she explains. “Because life goes back and forth and I had someone to help me.”

his childhood

He was born in Bahia Blanca on May 17, 1926, 14 days before Marilyn Monroe. The third of four sisters, the daughter of a traveling salesman and a housewife, she was five when the family moved to Buenos Aires, south of Avellaneda. Years later he returned to Bahia Blanca, attended a year and a half of high school, and his performance in the manifesto alerted his school director.

“He invited me to speak at charity events, and one day I signed up for a reading competition for girls at the Municipal Theater in Bahia. I won and the director confronted my father: ‘Maria is not an accounting friend. But she reads like that. Okay. Why don’t you take the kid to town?'”

He also shared the cast of "The Spring Bride" with Norma Castillo.

He also shared the cast of “The Spring Bride” with Norma Castillo.

Father listened to the advice. A few days later they arrive in Reina del Plata to try their luck, initially without the rest of the family.

Immediately, Maria was hired at the old Mater radio station. “I took the fortnight’s charge, and it was there that Dad understood it could happen and asked my mom and sisters to come over to settle us permanently.” Next Step . he worked in the company of Daffodil Ibanez Minto,

With his father overseeing each artistic move like a shadow, he was suggested to approach journalist Chas de Cruz, who was calling actors for the film. Lullaby, The sweetness of the girl “who wore stockings” hypnotized and “a world opened”:

“I remember they lightened my hair a little and my mom cried. ‘Why do they want to change you, Maria?’ She was scared. But I was lucky to have respectable people on set. Jose directed with Pepe Arias. By Antonio Momplet, which premiered first. Critics praised LullabyAnd it brought new possibilities.”

Maria Duval in the poster for "16 Years".

Maria Duval in the poster for “16 Years”.

Everything seems like a dream. She thinks about it and realizes that she is floating, that she is in a state of reverence, that all this has happened not to her, but to someone else. throw huge names and not even theirs 12 grandchildren, nor their 15 great-grandchildren The magnitude of a gold trajectory includes:

“I was led by Mario Sofisi, Francisco Mugica, Alberto de Zavalia, Ernesto Arancibia. The other day I told a great-grandson they were showing a movie of mine and when he saw it he was surprised: “What a naughty grandmother.”

Maria swears that her olfactory memory is “intact”. It’s enough for her to smell fresh paint to walk through a construction site or at SIDE Studio on Campicuelo Street, at San Miguel Studio, to return to the sheds she dazzledly arrived at. “The first three movies we got to work by tram. Later, we were able to buy a used car.”

The prosperity of that period meant that by 1942 he had made six films. Not all things the queen of white tales remember was an internal set:

With Angel Magna he worked on "When the Orange Tree Blooms".

With Angel Magna he worked on “When the Orange Tree Blooms”.

“In 1943 I starred for 16 years. It was a true dramatic role in which in the end my character wanted to commit suicide. We ended up in the woods of Palermo. I didn’t want to do the scene, but there were no stunt doubles. More I jumped into the freezing water. And I came out with flying colors,” she laughs. “There was a time when I grew and I had less dramatic roles. Critics said: ‘He stopped crying.'”

What do you think life would be like if that artistic path had not been interrupted? Will he have the popularity of Mirtha Legrand?

-He’s a relative. And I wasn’t interested either. I miss all that terribly, but I don’t regret anything. The world is another, I was from the time of Vivek. It saddens me that today actors lose their privacy, they give it to the public. I raised a family. I love too much.

leave all

Why do you want to give up all that adrenaline with only 22 years old?

When we started dating, my husband warned me that he didn’t like that life and that I wanted to leave him. I came home crying. I met him at a friend’s engagement party. He was late, coming from a boxing evening. I was at a table with friends and they invited me to dance. He didn’t even know I existed, he didn’t see Argentine cinema. I know what kind of artist you are. I got married at the age of 22; He was 31 years old.

-And you do not regret that you gave up the love you had for the selfishness of a man?

-Don’t do that! I thought about it a lot. I reasoned and realized that the bigger it is, the less papers he would have. I was married in 1948 and my last films in the same year were Date with the Stars and Strange Case of the Murdered Woman, which released in 1949. I lived a fantasy life when I was acting.

Later, I had three children, my husband had health problems and I had to devote myself. I was also able to travel a lot for his business. When washed wool was exported, it involved washing of wool. We also went through Persia, Japan and Hong Kong. I became a widow ten years ago.

– You were a minor. Then who administered what he earned?

I never knew how much he charged and when. Everything was managed by my elder sister, who was my assistant. He got good money. At 17 we were able to buy a house on Jose Hernandez and Amenabar. The tram passed through the door. At 18 I was already leading my own theater company. mad.

with work it’s not about the boy We took an artistic tour of Montevideo, Cordoba, Rosario. Margarita Zirgu was waiting for me in the hall of the Rosario Theatre. “Little, I’m told you’re a great actress. I already know what kind of artist you are,” she told me. I almost fainted.

– Did they prompt him to come back?

-Yes, the Carreras brothers. But I couldn’t do it anymore because I was so devoted to my kids. And he faced life differently. I took a risk and I have a clear conscience.

how to handle so much fame

Have you dealt with so many fans? Did popularity bother you?

– No, I opened the door for everyone. She was not in vain. They came to ring my bell and I received anyone, at a time when there was no disbelief. I remember a Temuko fan came looking for me. Later, there was a time when I didn’t have time to sign that much and photos with my signature were sent to be printed and sent to fans’ homes with stamped envelopes.

-What do you see in all those magazines that talk about “The Sweet Queen”?

It is like looking at yourself in the mirror of the past. Radioland, Antenna .., I always criticized something, was serious with me. And she didn’t want so much movement, she was polite, calm.

I was already getting rid of the rewards, I gave them to my kids. Today I am amazed at how old I am and I think it helped me to live the path I chose so well, to help others, to focus on the extravagant No. I had many honours. It was more than what I had dreamed of.


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