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Actress Juliette Valina passes away

Julieta Valina, an actress with an outstanding career in theatre, television and cinema, passed away in the last few hours at the age of 50.

The death was announced by the Argentine Association of Actors, which Cause of death not given,

Similarly, the association expressed its “great pain” and “extreme sadness” in a statement.

Rafael Ferro, Florencia Pea, Diego Peretti and Julieta Vallina, in "Neighbors from Above".  photo press

Rafael Ferro, Florencia Pea, Diego Peretti and Julieta Vallina, in “Neighbors from Above”. photo press

broad trajectory

Graduated from the theater school in the city of La Plata, Vallina’s career on television and platforms has included fiction. saint avoid, Crazy for You, boots, according to roxy, took life, they are loving, father courage, your part of the deal, survival Guide, lesser evil, donoramong others.

In the cinema, he took part El Potro (The Best of Love), football or me, cowboy, year of lion, all i see is mine, Terrified, dead man tells his storylily’s apron, The last, pig war, movie love, Flowers (Part Three)among other films.

His extensive works in theater include more than fifty works, among them, i heard it, neighbor up, like a donkey, electra shock, Dear Dad, macbeth, optic nerve, bread of madness, women dreamed horses, the past is a strange beast, Ditch You a drowning man,

Juliet Valina, at left, in the play "Fetich".

Juliet Valina, at left, in the play “Fetich”.

words of muscari

After hearing the news, theater director Jose María Muscari posted on Twitter: “Goodbye my dear Julieta Vallina. Beautiful person, great actress, goddess of talent. We were happy together and that’s how I miss you, your talent and with you.” I will keep the intensity. The gift of you good people and your sensitive laugh. I will love you forever. Life hurts me.”

The actress also did it through the same social network Viviana SacconeWho remembered Valina as a “talented, beautiful, nice, witty, good partner and immense actress” woman.

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