Home Entertainment Actress Joan Copeland, Arthur Miller’s sister, died at the age of 99

Actress Joan Copeland, Arthur Miller’s sister, died at the age of 99

Actress Joan Copeland, Arthur Miller's sister, died at the age of 99

American actress Joan Copeland, remembered for her many roles in Broadway plays and well-known television series, died in New York at the age of 99.

His son, Eric Kupchik, confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter, pointing out that Copeland passed away in his sleep, at his home in Manhattan, without giving further details about the cause of his death or what his health was like.

The actress, sister of playwright Arthur Miller, chose Copeland as his stage name to differentiate himself from him when he made his Broadway debut in 1948 with the play Sundown beach. In time he explained the reasons.

Joan Copeland Had A Prominent Role In The Series &Quot;Law And Order.&Quot;

Joan Copeland had a prominent role in the series “Law and Order.”

“I didn’t want to (use) Miller for obvious reasons, I didn’t want to take advantage of my brother’s name”, he acknowledged in an interview with The New York Times in 1981.

His career in film and TV

His first theatrical composition dates from 1945, in a version of Romeo and Juliet, in a performance that did not have much repercussion in the press. Three years later, her moment of brilliance did come under the Broadway lights, as Nadine, in Sundown … Other works on the New York scene include Price, Check-out, Wit and Wisdom, Not for Kids Y Anything else.

Over the years, however, Copeland starred onstage in some of the plays written by Miller, such as The American Clock (1980), with which won the Drama Desk Award by her action.

In addition to on stage, the interpreter had a successful career on the small screen, with roles in numerous soap operas, such as Love of Life, Search for Tomorrow Y One Life to Live, and in very popular series like Law and Order (here known as Law and order).

In the cinema, he worked in films such as The Goddess (1958), a film allegedly based on Arthur Miller’s wife and Copeland’s sister-in-law, Marilyn Monroe.

Born in New York on June 1, 1922, Copeland was married to the engineer George J. Kupchik, with whom she had a son. She was listed as Joan Maxime Miller, but her career was always associated with the Copeland surname.

Rebecca Miller And Her Father, Arthur Miller, Niece And Sister Of Joan Copeland.

Rebecca Miller and her father, Arthur Miller, niece and sister of Joan Copeland.

The actress was an early member of The Actor’s Studio and was highly praised by the American press for having played the twins Maggie and Kay in the CBS series Love of life, Come in 1960 and 1963, noted The Hollywood Reporter.

With versatility on her side, she also looked like the villain Andrea Whiting in Search for Tomorrow, which aired on CBS from 1967 to 1972.

Her death (on Tuesday, although it was revealed this Wednesday) came four days after the death of another 99-year-old American actress, Betty white, with whom he has shared several awards ceremonies and until a few years ago they have been seen parading through several red carpets. They were two of the most beloved in the Hollywood universe.

With An Extensive Career On Stage, Betty White Also Died At The Age Of 99, Four Days Ago,

With an extensive career on stage, Betty White also died at the age of 99, four days ago,

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