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Actress Estelle Harris, Unforgettable in “Seinfeld” and Toy Story Saga, Dies

Estelle Harris, actress who shines as George Costanza’s mother in the series Seinfeld and who lent his voice to Mrs. Potato Head in the animated saga toy storyHe died of natural causes at the age of 93.

This was confirmed by their representative Michael Eisenstadt in the exclusive site Variety

Harris had an extensive career that began with roles in commercials until he made his film debut in 1977, but despite appearing in several films, he was recognized since 1992 when he was part of the cast of the successful sitcom . Seinfeld,

There, the actress stood out among the scenes she had to participate in over the course of 27 episodes, primarily scenes in which she played her imaginary son, George, played by Jason Alexander, and her husband, Jerry, in the series. talked with. Stiller.

There was also Harris' involvement in Seinfeld's end.  (AP)

There was also Harris’ involvement in Seinfeld’s end. (AP)

Maybe it was that distinctive voice that convinced the producers toy story To bring to life the character of Mrs. Potato Head, present since the second film of the saga.

Prior to these milestones, the actress had acted in small roles in various films since her debut. looking upincluding a brief intervention in once Upon a Time in Americaby Sergio Leone.

On television, Harris participated in the series married with Children And night courtwhere he had a recurring role.

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