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Actress Anne Heche dies after being connected to life support

  • The actress dies at the age of 53
  • After a difficult panorama, they announce the news
  • He had been on life support and family members announced that he would not “survive”

A TRAGIC LOSS! After announcing the terrible car accident she suffered and being in a coma, the death of actress Anne Heche was announced. The interpreter of romantic comedies, she was fighting for her life and the doctors kept her on life support; Hours before her death, Heche’s family lamented her condition and stated that they did not believe she “survived.”

The entertainment world has been in mourning in recent months and the news of the death of Anne Heche has cast a shadow over the panorama. Recently, the loss of the first actor Manuel Ojeda was announced, as well as the death of the singer Jon Hill and the sad death of the actress Olivia Newton-John, at 73 years of age. Rest in peace.



Anne Heche, 53, died after being in a coma at a Los Angeles hospital. The actress suffered a tragic car accident in the city of Los Angeles, where her vehicle ended up hitting a property and causing severe damage to Heche; Upon being hospitalized, she remained in a coma due to anoxic brain injury, CNN reported.

The death of the actress was made known by one of her best friends, the philanthropist Nancy Davis, through a post on Instagram. Hours before her death, it was Anne Heche’s relatives who commented on the difficult scenario she was facing due to the serious brain injury she suffered and that they did not believe she would survive.

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