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actors in search of another destination

They are three actors in a line of flight, or an escape from the established: Julieta Díaz, Gonzalo Heredia and Julieta Zylberberg.

According to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, a line of flight is something that drags nature, the organism and the spirit to another area, another territory. A kind of escape from the established and routine in one’s existence. The hypothesis of the lines of flight would be that there are always places, situations, experiences, where everything escapes. Existence, let’s say, seeks to continue in different ways but under other forms.

In its way, the line of flight is the moment of rebellion against what a person considers his own destiny. It is the search for new spaces of creation, excitement and renewal. The writer Michel Houellebecq calls it in a novel: enlargement of the battlefield.

In this way we reach three people who successfully go through the performance and yet something happens: they look for their own vanishing points.

Gonzalo Heredia Has Already Published A Novel.  And He Has Another One Due Out In September.

Gonzalo Heredia has already published a novel. And he has another one due out in September.

Gonzalo heredia is about to publish his second novel The point of no returnor (in September by the Alto Pogo publishing house) and he is in charge, along with Ana Correa, of the radio program Footnotes on Radio Con Vos which is about literature.

Juliet Dayz has just released, accompanied by the Uruguayan musician Diego Presa, the EP The reverse of the shadow.

Y Juliet Zylberberg joins pop musician Manu Hattom to release the song Planet eyes, while preparing more songs.

Julieta Díaz Has Been Writing Songs For Many Years, But Now She Decided To Show Them.

Julieta Díaz has been writing songs for many years, but now she decided to show them.

So: What is behind these lines of flight? A signal is thrown by Gonzalo Heredia about the tension between acting and the literary: “Well, maybe that can sometimes go against it. The thing from writing to acting. Sometimes I go from reading a text, the script of a novel, a scene and reading beyond what is written, wondering what that scene is written for and how it could be told in another way. Also choose this or that word that best expresses what the character wants to say, etc. ”.

In any case, Andrés Calamaro already said it: the leak is always forward. You have to look closely in each case.

Compose in pairs

Julieta Zylberberg Has Already Made Her Debut As A Singer With The Song &Quot;Ojos De Plane&Quot;.

Julieta Zylberberg has already made her debut as a singer with the song “Ojos de Plane”.

Planet eyes is a pop song tailored to the voice of Julieta Zylberberg: it slides like a game of encounters where the love affair is a wish that finally comes true.

“I’ve always listened to a lot of music, I love it, and in my forties I tried to get some sounds out of the guitar to accompany me,” says Julieta from Chicago, where she is filming. It was a lonely learning path with the instrument and the discovery of the notes: “I don’t understand how I didn’t learn as a girl. Music is freer than acting”, He reflects.

This produced a sound context that allowed him to capture and translate some ideas that were in the form of words. “The music was a curiosity and something that I have a lot inside of me,” he explains. That is why the meeting with the musician Manu Hattom was something natural: “Whenever we get together we end up singing loudly and building stoves. This is how the show that we have was born, which is a work with songs: Very camp. “

Zylberberg had never done a song and in Hattom’s company he was encouraged. The musician says that he also made a duet with Fito Páez: “With Julieta we are closely linked to the song genre and I liked the ease she had to sing and write those things that were emerging. I was surprised by his resolve and that he was always great. ” In two meetings I was already ready Planet eyes.

Julieta Zylberberg Worked On The Songs With Musician Manu Hattom.  The Second Is About To Be Released: &Quot;Your Fiercest Side&Quot;.

Julieta Zylberberg worked on the songs with musician Manu Hattom. The second is about to be released: “Your fiercest side”.

Is there a new career? She says, “I don’t know if that interests me. Yes, I want to continue making songs and for that to come off what has to come off. Let what has to flourish flourish. I like to merge it with acting. ” Now he is about to release a new song: Your fiercest side.


Gonzalo Heredia’s beginning with literature was this way: “I can say that literature it started as a little hole in the wall through which a beam of light entered. First, the detail caught my attention, the imperfectness in that neatly built wall. I was always curious. I started tearing shyly and it began to peel, discovering a mirror, a kind of aleph in which I could see absolutely everything (myself included) ”.

Started writing from the desperation of losing a girlfriend when he was twelve years old and he continued to do so every time he felt “expelled from the world”: “I sensed that in a certain order of the words he reflected me and could recognize me. I remember that when I was a kid I kept savoring words in my head. As if the letters had different textures and I could touch them with my tongue. “

Gonzalo Heredia.  The Actor Stood Out First As A Heartthrob.  Now He Adds Literature And Conducting A Radio Program.

Gonzalo Heredia. The actor stood out first as a heartthrob. Now he adds literature and conducting a radio program.

You first built yourself as a reader. Then he went to writing: “It was a training session: carrying a notebook with me, getting rid of the discomfort and the other people’s gaze when I took it out of my pocket and wrote anywhere. Do not lose the constancy of that training. And the last one was to start the writing workshop. Bring your own texts, listen, trust what you had to say ”.

His first novel was The construction of the lie (Alto Pogo, 2018). A text that approached the limits of his work world – acting – with a reflection on how to reflect that part of life. There was a collision between the universe of the letters and the tables, the lights, the show business.

“I think the two activities coexist well. I learned to live together, that each one has its place. One is my job in which, beyond doing it well or badly, I could say that I have a certain job and I know what I have to do. That gives me a certain financial stability and allows me to buy a handful of time to read and write. It does not mean that I like it and that I enjoy it and I also enjoy doing it, but the libido, the search, is no longer there. “

His second novel is El point of no return and it comes out in September by the Alto pogo publishing house. Can one speak of evolution in that passage towards this new writing? Heredia says: “I think that in this second novel there were readings that I still had to go through. I read to write. I look for ways to count. The most important thing is that. Something that for this novel I had trouble finding, while for Construction of the lie the form was the first thing that was clear to me. With The point of no return I started from a place, I made two million laps to return to the same place of departure, but with full words ”, he concludes.

The constant search

Julieta Díaz Released An Ep Called &Quot;El Reversés De La Sombra&Quot;, In Which She Worked With The Musician Diego Presa.

Julieta Díaz released an EP called “El reversés de la sombra”, in which she worked with the musician Diego Presa.

The six songs on the EP The reverse of the shadow can be seen – and heard – as a notorious coupling work between the delicate voice by Julieta Díaz and the intuition of the Uruguayan musician Diego Presa, who has a great career.

It is in this anointing that the popular spirit of these songs is perceived and with its unmistakable river plate tide. There is an enveloping and ethereal rhythm in these sounds, these letters and this encounter.

“Since I was 20 years old I write songs, but all very sporadic and skipped”, says the actress during a break from rehearsals for the play Early Directed by Lorena Vega which opens in September. The meeting with Diego Presa represented something else: “It was a very profound coincidence, but it was also about something artistic, aesthetic, conceptual,” he says.

They are words that are related to what is heard in these songs that came out these days. In his case, music was not a pending account, but a need to “explore and play.” This deepened into a pandemic and that generated certain texts that took the form of songs to emerge. From there to get to the album there was a step and a very natural, organic process.

“I sent him things and he did too. But the beautiful thing was that it was a lot of coincidence and trust. Like those encounters that cannot be explained much, but begin to flow from the artistic in the desire to work get togetherThey were both very involved ”, he says. Everything was at a distance and without any clear objective other than that of gestating spontaneous creation. They go step by step and adapt to the times they handle.

The EP was produced by Diego Presa, who also adds some lyrics, but Julieta’s voice highlights a very attractive flight creating an enveloping atmosphere. However, this territory goes in parallel with his acting part. It makes sense to think about how these world dialogue inside her.

“I am interpreting my texts and is not the same as saying what someone else wrote. Singing my things next to someone with whom I have a great connection, I feel that a deeper, more internal voice emerges. And that is amazing ”, explains Julieta Díaz and returns to her rehearsals and then continues to attend her daughter with dedication.