Home Entertainment Actors from “Luis Miguel, the series” may be paralyzed (video)

Actors from “Luis Miguel, the series” may be paralyzed (video)

Martín Bello paralítico

Martín Bello demands that the production of the series cover the medical costs.

MEXICO.- Martin Bello, Who played ‘Titus’ the evil Mickey’s uncle, repeated that he was the Repair of damage from Injuries, Bruises and contractures it’s caused Diego Boneta during the recording of a scene from the second season of the organic series of Luis Miguel.

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Let us remember that the Spanish actorsaid last June that I would sue Boneta already produced by hurt him during the recording of the final season in which his character appears.

The actor confirmed this in an interview with “Sale el sol” your injuries They are the product of a real attack, not the result of Diego’s action.

“Sometime already It wasn’t acting, he was really attacking me. When I pull out my closet, I get scared when I see my chest hurt […] There are many witnesses to this. I went straight to the make-up and hairdresser camper to say: ‘Look what he did to me’ ”, the Spaniard explained.

I could have the consequences of restricted mobilityI work so that I don’t lose mobility in my arms and chronic pain, ”said the actor.

Martín Bello’s lawyer assures that the attack was not in the script

In an interview with “De Primera Mano”, Ignacio Trimarco, lawyer for Beautiful have noticed that so far received no response from production of the series so that they take responsibility. The actor’s legal defense also assured that it was not noted anywhere in the script that it was a matter of bodily harm.

There was only talk of grabbing his neck. When Martin arrives at the recording set, the producers and also Mr. Diego talk about what they wanted to change the scene and that it would be what we all saw on the show, “explains Trimarco.

“Unfortunately this scene inflicted serious injuries on Martín that at the end of the scene he went to the hospital for treatment and unfortunately today he is waiting to have a cervical response and has to undergo a surgical procedure which is quite dangerous” added Martín. added Bello’s lawyer.

Ignacio Trimarco commented that the production provided the actor with a protection in the back area that “the Severity of blows“.

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What would be the amount Diego Boneta would have to pay Martín Bello?

The lawyer for Beautiful realized that the amount has not yet been determined the lawsuit against the production of “Luis Miguel, the Series”. The exact amount sand will determine afterwards the results magnetic resonance imaging. However, he stressed that Spanish become paralyzed.

“We are waiting for this medical study; that will determine the surgical procedure who has to undergo Martin and if he undergoes this intervention, we have to see how it turns out and how he is doing […] Martin has the possibility of being paralyzed. The injury you have is very serious“Emphasized the lawyer

And he added, “You have to enter from the chest to do the surgery on the cervical vertebra, and this surgery is very risky because it can put you in a wheelchair“.

What did Diego Boneta say about Martín Bello’s allegations?

In the job interview, Diego Boneta He assured me that it seemed “sad” that Martín Bello was accusing him of an oversight that he had caused, as well as pointing out that both he and the production team were extremely careful.

“It’s something that makes me sad, I don’t have much to say about it. […] The care in the production and everything especially for this scene was very high, I remember that Martin did not want to put on protection […] (his allegations) came as a surprise to me, really, “he said actor Mexican.

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