Home Entertainment Actors and actresses support Argentina’s appearance at the VIII Platino Awards

Actors and actresses support Argentina’s appearance at the VIII Platino Awards

Actors and actresses support Argentina's appearance at the VIII Platino Awards

Diego Perettihandjob Rodrigo de la Cernashandjob Miguel Angel Solas u George Roman more actresses Valeria Lois u Yanina Avila Lead the representation of Argentina at the eighth edition of the Platino Awards movie theater.

his 88 nominees finalists where movies forgetting that we will be u the weeping woman He leads strong with 11 nominations.

national film family crime, where Sola (lead actor) and Avila (supporting actress) star, she has her third chance, as she is among those chosen by the script written by her director. Sebastian Schindel u pablo del tesso.

Rodrigo De La Serna, Nominated For &Quot;La Casa De Papel&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

Rodrigo de la Serna, nominated for “La Casa de Papel”. photo clarin archive

Meanwhile, Valeria Loiso figure as hero by siamese, from Paula HernandezWhich is seen in Malba on weekends.

For his central role in Peretti stealth of the century, from Ariel Vinogradu George Roman For his supporting work in Paraguayan film kill the dead man, as well as as part of the cast of the Spanish series De la Serna the money heistThey are the ones who represent our country.

Valeria Lois, The Candidate For &Quot;Las Siamese&Quot; By Paula Hernandez.  Photo Clarin Archive

Valeria Lois, the candidate for “Las Siamese” by Paula Hernandez. photo clarin archive

Illumination of the call that will unveil the list of winners October 3 At the Ifema Municipal Palace in Madrid, it will be broadcast by 19 repeaters to the whole world.


&Quot;Forgetting Who We Will Be&Quot;, With Javier Camara.  Photo Clarin Archive

“Forgetting Who We Will Be”, with Javier Camara. photo clarin archive

The Candidates Keeping Everything is a Colombian film forgetting that we will bemilf from spanish Fernando Truba, and another candidate is Guatemala. the weeping woman, with the address of Jero Bustamante. forgetting that we will be is a 2020 drama film based on the novel of the same name by Colombian Hector Abad Faciolins. It was included in the official selection of the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, a festival postponed due to the pandemic.

In the end, the film closed, out of competition, the official segment of San Sebastian Festival. It then won the Best Film award at the Cine Horizontes festival in Marseille (France) in January 2021 and was also awarded an award. Goya Award in the category of Best Ibero-American Film in March 2021.

Miguel Angel Sola In &Quot;Family Crime&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

Miguel Angel Sola in “Family Crime”. photo clarin archive

The film is set during the violence that Colombia experienced in the 80s and a good part of the 90s, during the time of the great drug lords.

the weeping woman, at the same timehandjob It was premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 30, 2019, where Bustamante received the Best Director award. It was selected by Guatemala as the candidate of Oscar, But it did not enter. It was nominated for other awards, including the categories of Best Non-English Language Film. Golden Globe and Best Ibero-American Film goya.

Jorge Roman, &Quot;Kill A Dead Man&Quot; In Paraguayan.  Photo Clarin Archive

Jorge Roman, “Kill a Dead Man” in Paraguayan. photo clarin archive

it’s about normal Enrique Monteverde, who is facing trial for crimes against humanity because of a genocide in a rural area in Guatemala.

section is mentioned direction Reunites Truba and Bustamante with Mexican Michelle Franco (For new order) and Spanish ikiyar boulaini (For Rosa’s wedding), who is listed as a director, but not his film, a space that girls, also from spanish Pilar Palomero.

Yanina Avila, Backstage In &Quot;Crimes De Familia.&Quot;  Photo Clarin Archive

Yanina Avila, backstage in “Crimes de Familia.” photo clarin archive

Between the series, meanwhile, leads the Spanish Homeland, with five nominations, surpassing Mexican someone has to die and his compatriots The Money Heist, With all four nominations.

The nominations at the Caja de la Musica Auditorium of the Madrid City Council were read by Belen Rueda, Paulina García and Manolo Caros. also attended the ceremony Enrique Cerezo, President of the Platino Awards.