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Actor who shared a cast with Al Pacino

Like Lionel Messi, he was born on June 24 in Rosario, but 42 years earlier. They share the low profile habit, short physique, temperamental stage performances and the tachycardia feel of the “One World Cup” cover, as at the 2010 Oscars. secret in their eyes Nominated for Best Foreign Film.

Mario Alarcón has just been awarded the Gold Medal comic sceneby Mauricio Cartoon, but He proceeds with the delicacy with which he slipped after a call from Al Pacino’s office, a decade ago. It would be that unusual breed of actor that makes him, not expecting a promotion or close-up, such that the meaning gets dazzled by too much attention to his figure: Walk through life as another.

“It was worth it,” he cried and spread tears throughout the national chamber when the Association of Spectacle Writers decided to give him the highest honor. His tears were a mirror of much more than professional emotion. It transcends the silent agony of those who lost their eldest son last year and is supported by theatre. “We all have stones in our way.”

His stones were many, but he knew how to dribble like Messi so that they could move around him. He lived in Santa Fe until the age of 23. The only son of a middle-class family, he discovered the world of work early. He was an employee of a broom factory and other commodities, but he squeezed out the best teachings in the universe of golf.

Mario Alarcón in "La Vis Comica"

Mario Alarcón in “La Vis Comica”

“One day we were bird hunting with our friends near a golf course and a lady came up to us and said: ‘Why don’t they come to the caddy? , And I started, that’s how I earned my good pesos with golfers during practice.” “In my third year of high school I was the only one who knew what I wanted to do: devote myself to politics. To study law. He had great admiration for Lisandro de la Torre and went on to act in various political parties. I realized that everyone reassured me. Politicians are great actors.”

It was in a Spanish literature class that a taste for acting arose and he woke up his classmates. he performed the monologue talker’s appetizer And something changed in his perception of the world. His acting debut was in the radio plays of Rosario’s radio station LT2. The secret was to wait in the cafe downstairs. A co-worker was always absent and prepared for a gig.

Mario Alarcón in "La Viz Comica"

Mario Alarcón in “La Vis Comica”

Military service in Formosa was a difficult chapter, but one that ended up “paying for” for its characters. Training in the dense forest, trying for hours to open the way. The experience gave him an accurate lesson: “You have to leave a mark on the road to know how to turn back and not get lost.”

In 1968 he decided to settle in Buenos Aires. The first night he stayed at a hotel on Montevideo Street. He had contact with an actor, Mario Lozano, a shoe factory owner who had recommended an address for “walking” in the big city. ,Within 48 hours I already had a job. another country. I started out as a salesperson in front of Parque Lezica.”

The art of marketing footwear did not last long. Lozano Directed River Plate Vocational Theater Group and invited him to be a part. A fan of Newell, with his harsh voice, Alarcon immediately joined the cast of the National Comedy of the Cervantes Theatre, and later joined the stable of San Martín.

Mario Alarcon in the cast of "Julio Caesar" in the muscari version.

Mario Alarcon in the cast of “Julio Caesar” in the muscari version.

After knocking on doors in Canal 9 to get a few roles, her film debut came, hole in the wallBy David Cohn, with Alfredo Alcon. From “Alfredo, El Grande” he learned that true solidarity is done in silence.: they worked together hamlet, in the room of Casacuberta del San Martín, and Alcon recommends her for her entry on the big screen.

-ACE, Platinum Konex, Trinidad Guevara, Florencio Sanchez, Podesta, Maria Guerrero. What do you do with the prizes?

I take care of them, but it’s not like I sit down to see them and get sick. They want me to continue, they repeat my responsibility. Now, for example, with Gold ACE I feel like I have more to prove. Rewards give me a boost.

-Does your low profile respond to your shyness or how far away you are from your ego?

-With low profile you are free, you don’t have to make concessions. I don’t think it was even conscious. I feel comfortable this way. Maybe it’s a self-preservation instinct. I am only concerned about doing my job well. In fact, when I had to take time off to make a living, I did it without drama.

– How was that moment?

I got married in 1971 and when the government changed in 1973, we all got rid of the servants. My first child was on the way and I worked as a typewriter for a water pump factory. My rings don’t fall. After that I never lacked work.

Mario Alarcon as a judge in "The Secret in Their Eyes".

Mario Alarcon as a judge in “The Secret in Their Eyes”.

“Are you Pablo Alarcón’s brother?” they ask him over and over again When they do not confuse him with the actor of the same surname. There is no kinship, but there is collusion. They look at each other and remember the imaginary brotherhood that the public credits to them. Another repetition of the audience is the memory of the judge Fortuna Lacalle from the film by Juan José Campanella.

“That means what I’m saying isn’t worth the crap”, Perhaps this is one of those phrases he is most commonly asked to repeat in honor of the character. either: “I say do A and do CThe creature, eyed by Hollywood, took some inspiration from some old Mario noon in the Finnish bathroom.

“While filming, I remembered the people I crossed paths with at a spa with a glass of champagne and they all paid for champagne. I even did a modest test once, and ‘Stand Up’ caught my attention when the judgeI’ve always thought that judges make you feel like they’re a step up, that they’re superior. They are a class in themselves, which distances them from the people. Even if they don’t mean it, they live in another galaxy.”

Mario Alarcon with his son Matias in 1979.

Mario Alarcon with his son Matias in 1979.

When I visit the Merida Classical Theater Festival in July, Spain (with Morea Casón and the cast) Julius Caesar, to be staged by Jose Maria Muscari) would add miles to the collection in a show with the Tata Sedron directed by Laura Yousem in the nineties, which he made pure tango in the nineties. He toured France from end to end, while the Europeans raged. “Nino Tenuta and I made the stamps, that is, while they were playing Cafes in Buenos Aires And other topics, we played chat with, one gin at a time. Once we went out for a walk and got lost. We didn’t know ‘how to speak more than’ui why ‘Thank you And we sweat to go back,” he laughs. “Nonsense, we managed to take a taxi and go back.”

His art has gone too far stefano, by Enrique Santos DiCapolo. Along with that theatrical work – one in a hundred and one that he performed – he performed in Rome and Leningrad. “Everything I know about the world I know thanks to my job,” admits this Almagro resident, “lonely” and a fan of the ritual of walking through the ecological reserve, the sublime moment in which the dark Memories are cleared and triggered. magically. Creation.

Mario Alarcón, over a hundred characters in half a century of acting.

Mario Alarcón, over a hundred characters in half a century of acting.

Once a call came to Alarcon’s house. “We called from Al Pacino’s Office,sound out and Mario smiled waiting for the joke. or scam. There was no trick. It was an Argentine-American co-production. (we are not animals) directed by Alejandro Agressi and filming close to John Cusack. The most beloved judge in Argentina returns to his simplicity, “These things happen, like starring in an Oscar-winning film. I can’t boast of all that.” “I act because this job renews your curiosity and nerves. It is almost impossible to get tired in this profession. I act and feel alive.”

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