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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Actor Steven Seagal Accuses Zelensky of War Crimes, Shows Support for Putin

  • Steve Seagal goes to a prison camp in Ukraine
  • He made strong statements about war crimes
  • Accuse Zelensky of the worst and support Putin?

Actor Steven Seagal Zelensky. American actor Steven Seagal, known for his action movies, was captured a few days ago in a prison camp in Olenivka, Ukraine, which is controlled by Russian forces.

According to Agencia Reforma, the actor’s visit occurs a few days after an explosion in the same building left at least 50 dead, all Ukrainian prisoners, on July 29.

They spread photos of Seagal during his visit

Actor Steven Seagal Zelensky

In the images, broadcast through Telegram, Steven Seagal is seen checking the rooms destroyed by the explosion; in another, he sits on a bench as he checks out a piece of shrapnel. At another point, the actor chats with Ukrainian prisoners through the bars of a door.

According to several local media, Seagal is touring Ukraine to make a documentary about the current war against Russia. And it is that the actor has raised a lot of controversy after his unexpected visit, because his statements have given much to talk about. Filed Under: Actor Steven Seagal Zelensky

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