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Actor Juan Pablo Medina would have had his leg amputated: Journalist gives details

Actor Juan Pablo Medina would have had his leg amputated: Journalist gives details

On the afternoon of August 2, it was announced that the actor of various Mexican movies and series was hospitalized for a thrombosis.

MEXICO CITY.— The actor’s health Juan Pablo Medina It has generated concern, because on Tuesday afternoon the “First Hand” program reported that the actor of “The House of Flowers” was hospitalized for a thrombosis.

However, what generated the most concern was the rumor about what a leg had to be amputated to save your life.

In a statement from his public relations agency, he reported that the actor is in recovery and stable, but nothing has been mentioned about speculation of amputation of one of its extremities. Although the entertainment journalist Ana Maria Alvarado has given some details that could confirm this situation.

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How did you get a thrombosis?

In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Ana María Alvarado pointed out that Juan Pablo Medina would have entered from the third week of July to the hospital for sepsis, namely an infection that spreads throughout the body. The journalist commented that this condition It would have started in his stomach.

The host of “Sale el Sol” also commented that the actor of “I am your fan” is receiving physical and mental therapy because suffered a leg amputation as a consequence of thrombosis.

Butna Maria Alvarado I would not be the only one to point out that the actor lost a leg. The universal and other media reported that allegedly after being vaccinated against Covid-19, this generated the thrombosis that affected his entire body.

They also indicated that Juan Pablo has been hospitalized for almost three weeks and with a reserved medical prognosis although his manager assured that “he is well, he is out of intensive care and in recovery”, but everything seems to indicate that Medina did suffer an amputation.

This August 3 in the morning “Today”, the drivers regretted that Juan Pablo Medina is in the hospital, so they sent him their best wishes for a speedy recovery. However, it was striking that Andrea Legarreta said that:

“Juan Pablo is a man with a great attitude towards life, whatever it is will come out ahead” … and that “if it is so” was done to save his life. Look at the video here