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Actor Henry Silva, that secondary villain we loved to hate, died

They saw him hundreds of times, and they will recognize him as soon as they see his picture, even if they don’t remember his name. Henry Silvaan actor who very often played villains and worked in hundreds of films, including the big scam (it was his last film, in 2001) and the ambassador of fear (was Chunjin), soon to be 60 years since its release, died Wednesday at the home of the Motion Picture Picture and Television Fund in Woodland Hills, California.

He would have been 96 years old a day later, on Thursday, September 15.

One of Silva’s most memorable roles came in John Frankenheimer’s classic thriller the ambassador of fear (1962), in which he played Chunjin, the Korean manservant of Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey), and an agent for the Communists who engages in a choreographed martial arts battle with Frank Sinatrawhich took place in Shaw’s apartment in New York.

One of the few movies he starred in: "Cold Johnny" (1963), opposite Elizabeth Montgomery

One of the few movies he starred in: “Cold Johnny” (1963), opposite Elizabeth Montgomery

Silva appeared in several other films with Sinatra, including the original Ocean’s Eleven (1960), with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., where he was one of the eleven thieves, and the 1962 western Sergeants 3 (three sergeants).

His death was first announced by Dean Martin’s daughter, Deana Martin, who wrote on Twitter: “Our hearts are broken by the loss of our dear friend Henry Silva, one of the most personable, kind and talented men I have ever had the pleasure of. to call my friend. He was the last surviving star of the original film. Ocean’s 11. We love you Henry, we will miss you.”

Memorable Supporting Roles

Henry Silva in the series "The Space Broom", or "Quark" (1978).

Henry Silva in the series “The Space Broom”, or “Quark” (1978).

In later years, he always appeared in secondary roles, and accompanying other Hollywood stars in the cast, such as Burt Reynolds in Sharky’s Brigade (either Sharky’s Machine1981), to Chuck Norris in code of silence (1985), or in the Andrew Davis film with Steven Seagal Nico (1988), in dick tracyby and with Warren Beatty (1990) and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samuraiby Jim Jarmusch (1999).

As we already said, Silva’s last appearance on screen was a cameo in the new version of Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, that of George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Henry Silva performed with Frank Sinatra and Warren Beatty, as well as Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris.

Henry Silva performed with Frank Sinatra and Warren Beatty, as well as Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris.

In Variety remember a publication from 1985, by the journalist from Knight-Ridder Diane Haithman entitled Henry Silva: The actor you love to hate. It started like this: “Her face appears on the screen. A face with high, sharp cheekbones and a small, blunt nose, a face that seems carved from steel and is always after a gun. And eyes that only see the next victim. cold eyes The eyes of a psychopath. He doesn’t have to say anything before you know you hate him. … Silva has made a lifelong career out of that face (which, by the way, looks fatherly off-camera).”

Silva told Haithman that growing up in Spanish Harlem helped prepare him for the kinds of roles he would later play in movies. ‘I saw a lot of things in Harlem,’ he recalled with an accent rich in his New York origins. “It was the kind of place where if you lived on a block and you wanted to go a few blocks away, you had to take a couple of guys with you, or else you’d get your ass kicked.”

He made his television debut in Armstrong Circle Theater in 1950 and his debut on the big screen, without appearing in the credits, was in none other than the success of Elia Kazan Long live Zapata!from 1952, starring Marlon Brando.

Silva married twice in the 1950s; his third marriage, to Ruth Earl, lasted from 1966 until his divorce in 1987. He is survived by two sons, Michael and Scott. Scott Silva asked fans to remember his father by commenting on his social accounts: Instagram: henrysilvaofficial; Twitter: @MrHenrySilva and official Henry Silva on Facebook.


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