Home Entertainment Actor Gino Renni died of coronavirus

Actor Gino Renni died of coronavirus

Actor Gino Renni died of coronavirus

Actor Gino Renni Died Of Coronavirus - Light Home News

The actor Gino Renni He died this Sunday at the age of 78 due to complications derived from his coronavirus picture. He had been admitted to the Diagnostic Institute on June 7, the day of his birthday.

The humorist, who said that had both doses of the Sinopharm vaccine Against the coronavirus, he had to be intubated due to breathing problems due to bilateral pneumonia, after which the outlook was complicated by a bacterium that affected his kidneys.

News of his passing was confirmed to TN Show by theater producer Carlos Rottemberg. The producer Gustavo Yankelevich also fired him with a message on his social networks: “Have a very good trip so dear. Real friend, partner of a thousand wonderful moments. I love you very much, I’m going to miss you.”

Luigi Melieni MolloAccording to his original name, he was born in Calabria, Italy, on June 7, 1943, but he settled as a boy and made his career in Argentina with an extensive career in film and television.

Although she began her career as a singer on radio and in music programs such as El Club del Clan y Nino, she rose to fame for her performances in series such as The Nut, Mesa de Noticias, Operation Ja-Já and Brigada Cola, among others, as well. as in films like Explosive Brigade and The craziest bathers in the world.