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Actor Eulices Alvarado exposes his partner after revealing his alleged romance

  • Eulices Alvarado breaks the silence and confirms a relationship with another actor.
  • The Venezuelan actor ends up ventilating his colleague José Eduardo Barreto.
  • Followers end up sinking Eulices after his statements.

Actor Eulices Alvarado relationship. The world of entertainment is full of surprises, which is why various celebrities are placed right in the middle of the controversy for various reasons. Such was the case of a small-screen heartthrob who recently exposed another of his colleagues and ended up revealing the alleged romance that they both had.

This news was released through the portal Digital Beanandhe 28-year-old actor has participated in various television projects such as Enfermeras, El Grito de las Mariposas, Decisiones, and the series with which he successfully stood out, A Puro Corazón, it is about Eulices Alvarado who this Wednesday was in charge of making a confession of his colleague José Ramón Barreto through his different social networks.

Actor ‘exposes’ one of his colleagues in a compromising situation

Actor Eulices Alvarado relationship

It was through his official Instagram account that the actor of Venezuelan origin decided to reveal the “true reason” for his “deadlock” with the protagonist of the famous Netflix series “Bolívar”. In this confession, Alvarado made the decision to reveal that both he and José Ramón had an affair.

The Venezuelan actor made the shocking revelation of the alleged romance after he made a round of questions and answers through his Instagram stories and it was there that one of his followers raised the question of what had happened between him and the protagonist of Bolívar . Filed Under: Actor Eulices Alvarado relationship.

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