Actor Eduardo Manzano hospitalized in an emergency

After revealing that the legendary actor was hospitalized in an emergency, his wife denied that he was in intensive care.

Mexico.- Eduardo Manzano, Who is remembered for his role in the comedy series “Una Familia de Ten”, He was hospitalized in an emergency. His wife, Susana di Manzano, denied that the comedian is also in the intensive care field.

He also elaborated on why the actor ended up in an emergency hospital.

Why was the actor kept in the hospital?

Manzano’s wife explained that the 82-year-old actor She is hospitalized In a hospital in the Roma neighborhood From a biliary infection. The woman took the opportunity to refute rumors about her husband’s health, and assured that despite the situation, she was fine.

“it is not true. What wonderful! Do not be afraid, my husband is fine. He regained the picture of the infection that had previously been treated, but with only one bacterium Biliary infection returns, But it’s okay now, I’ve never lost my appetite, or laughter, “said the actor’s husband.

Susanna also stated that Manzano Getting well And detailed how he is currently.

They have it with antibiotics, But that’s okay, thank goodness. They still can’t register it Because the antibiotic they are giving him only through the serum, his gastroenterologist has diagnosed it; Dr. Grandos, but he is here, in the room, calm, eating, well and medicinal, “said the actor’s partner.

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Your child refutes rumors that indicate seriousness

Actor’s son, Eduardo Manzano Martinez He also denied that the actor is in critical health:

“I was with him for the weekend because it was my birthday and as a gift I asked him to come because I am in Cancun. We used to sing, Las Manitas sang to me, some people from the family were there; The fact that he is in the hospital does not mean that strength or vitality is taken away from him.

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