Home Entertainment Actor Art LaFleur of "The sandbar"

Actor Art LaFleur of "The sandbar"

Actor Art LaFleur of "The sandbar"

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Actor Art LaFleur, who played several memorable roles, He died on November 17th at the age of 78.

In accordance with meeting, his wife Shelley LaFleur stated that the artist’s cause of death was Parkinson’s disease. suffered a decade.

The actor had played roles that, although they were not protagonists, remained unforgettable and they reached the hearts of the audience.

Her best-known roles include the interpretation of the tooth fairy in Santa Claus 2; Baseball player Chick Gandil in Field of dreams and Babe Ruth in The sandbar.

According to Deadline, the late actor’s wife posted a post on her social media in honor of LaFleur.

“He was a generous and selfless man who switched to acting, but the most important thing was who he was to his family and friends.”

expressed the actor’s widow.

Art LaFleur was born in Gary, Indiana and played soccer for the University of Kentucky team. His acting career began after he was thirty and took him to roles in film and television.

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