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Action, humor and some horror

Action, humor and some horror

People who visit any Disney theme park know it. Jungle Cruise It is an attraction that involves a “journey” in some old boat through a creek in an artificial forest, whose captain serves as a guide on board, while animatronic animals starboard and appear on the port side.

The journey of a few minutes has now been turned into a two-hour feature film, which, of course, required inventing a story, a plot, and written by screenwriters Glenn Ficara and John Rica, who wrote, among others. script for like dogs and cats You crazy and stupid lover, yes, but also the most played bad santa You A Strange Couple (I Love You Philip Morris), they shot towards the splendid.

Emily Blunt, a Disney girl since she starred in The Return of Mary PoppinsDr. Lily Houghton, a botanist, travels to the Amazon with her brother McGregor (Jack Whitehall) in 1917 in the middle of World War I. You are looking for a mythical tree whose petals have amazing healing properties.

Dwayne Johnson And Emily Blunt, Ship Captains And Botanists.  Disney Photo

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, ship captains and botanists. Disney Photo

For this reason, once in Brazil, he hires Frank (dwayne johnson) Captain of the ship facing financial problems. Captains often take tourists on wilderness excursions in their boats.

it’s basically a sign Ride from Disney parks.

Trapped In Another Forest

‘Jumanji’ actor stranded in another forest. Disney Photo

But since Lily, her brother, and Frank founded and backed up Amazon, things won’t be easy. Not for anyone: for a hero harassed by the Nazis, the evil German prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons) or the librettists, who find a complex appeal in an eagerness to try and add obstacles, accidents, and problems to the leading trio. The plot, at least for the little ones to understand.

a combination

Catalan Jaime Colette-Serra’s Film (Orphan, House of Wax, deep fear:none for the boys) combines action, humor, fantastic edges story with some history of the damned conquerors. There are hidden natives, there are rocky waterfalls, there’s the submarine that chases the good guys, and… something we’re not going to reveal.

Johnson, Blunt And Doc'S Brother Jack Whitehall On Board The Ship.  Disney Photo

Johnson, Blunt and Doc’s brother Jack Whitehall on board the ship. Disney Photo

Is this a Disney style movie? Yes, less than dark Cruella, released this year, but just as violent, with a lot of CGI, computerized effects to recreate the ghosts or whatever. The insertion of a gay character, which has surprised many, shouldn’t even deserve this comment.

Edgar Ramirez (&Quot;The Undoing&Quot;, &Quot;Yes Day&Quot;) And A Special ... Participation.  Disney Photo

Edgar Ramirez (“The Undoing”, “Yes Day”) and a special … participation. Disney Photo

Jungle Cruise mix things up Raiders of the Lost Ark, due to the leading couple, as well as the fight with the Nazis, african queen, with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn and, maybe some after the lost page, with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (which is going to be a remake of Yes, Oh, Surprise).

Many parents who will take their kids to watch it will feel that they have already seen what is seen on the screen. But it is definitely a new entertainment for the little ones.

“Jungle Cruise”


Adventures, Action. USA, 2021. 127′, Sam 13. Of: Jaime Colette-Serra. With: Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti, Edgar Ramirez. rooms: IMAX, Hoyts Abasto, Cinemark Palermo, Cinépolis Recoleta.