Acru premiered its documentary on the creation of Yantaz

In a ten minute documentary the most intimate version of Acru is shown. How is your creative process, your blocks and ideas when it comes to getting a job like your EP Yantaz.

With the support of their friend and producer Veeyam, they show how Acru’s journey was until it closed with two Sanitary Works Stadiums exhausted. Filmed in Campana, Acru, Veeyam and Nacho Maquieira show how they created the new album.

During recording, her parents Victor and Mabel are shown so well known to their fans by naming them in their lyrics. You can see the party of two sold-out Works that were accompanied by Wos, Trueno, Nicki Nicole, Klan, Saga, MP and Faqq.

“There is an engine that is starting up again to face a new point and I think that is the place that Yantaz occupies, it has that freshness, that new rap that we sometimes talk about with the kids, that rap that drives us crazy from other places, try to bring it here, in Spanish “Acru tells at the beginning of the documentary.

Acru In The Yantaz Documentary: Creation.  Photo: Courtesy Of The Press.

Acru in the Yantaz documentary: creation. Photo: Courtesy of the press.

Joy, exchange of ideas, movement and reflection are shown in a documentary that reflects the essence of Acru. Hugs, emotion, dance of Santa Fe cumbia before going to the show and his unmistakable voice. Everything is summarized in ten minutes.

“Yantaz is a tattoo of the night, a meeting point in the underworld. A hand passage in which the sounds of the schools converge in post of skill. A photograph of the mermaids in the monoblock’s purity and rawness in the neighborhoods and the voice of those who seem to be forgotten in the shadows “, he synthesizes on his YouTube channel.

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