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According to his defense, the accusations against Ricky Martin for domestic violence are “false and fabricated”

As expected in this case, the defense of the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin described the allegations of domestic violence against the artist as “false and fabricated” and assured that, when the truth is known, your image will be “claimed”.

The Accusations Against Ricky Martin That Led To A Protection Order Are Completely False and manufactured. We are very confident that when the true facts come to light in this matter, our client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated,” the singer’s attorneys told the magazine. People.

On Saturday, July 2, a strange day for a court to function, a judge in Puerto Rico had issued a restraining order so that Ricky Martin, the famous interpreter of hits like Maria, the bite Y Come backamong many, could not approach a person, whose identity was kept confidential, who had reported him for domestic violence.

Ricky Martin has been married for five years and has four children, Photo AFP

Ricky Martin has been married for five years and has four children, Photo AFP

Who requested the restriction

Some versions state that it would be a person with whom Ricky Martin would have had a relationship for a few months and that, now, she felt harassed by the artist, seeing him wander around the area around her home on several occasions.

However, local forces reported that they could not find the artist to notify him of the judicial decision.

Enrique Martín Morales, real name of the musician and composer, He has been married since 2017 to the Syrian-born artist Jwan Yosef and has four children.

Problems and controversy for Ricky

Ricky Martin also joined the controversy over the movie "Lightyear".  AFP Photo

Ricky Martin also joined the controversy over the movie “Lightyear”. AFP Photo

The present of the Latin star is marked by the judicial, since these days it was known that faces a lawsuit in the Central District Court of Los Angeles of more than three million dollars for unpaid commissions from Rebecca Drucker, a former employee of his, whom they described as a former manager, who said she protected him from a 2020 complaint that “could end his career.”

The singer, in addition, these days joined a controversy around the animated film and for children Lightyear (a prequel to toy story), in which there is a lesbian kiss, for which it was censored in 14 countries.

Within hours of LGBT Pride month ending, the singer expressed his firm stance on the issue.

“Those people who think their children will turn gay for seeing Lightyearput on Einstein documentaries to see if the intelligence that they did not acquire by genetics also sticks to them, “wrote Ricky Martin on Instagram along with a photo of Buzz, the famous living toy of the saga toy story.

Thirteen nations and the Palestinian Territory banned the film, frustrating its success in theaters. If it hadn’t been for the mess around this topic, Lightyear It surely would have done much better at the box office.

The film includes a female character voiced by actress Uzo Aduba who briefly kisses his female partner in one scene. It all lasts about three seconds.

That proved too much for censors in many Muslim-majority nations, where laws often criminalize same-sex relationships. In fact, in some parts of the Arab world, members of the LGBTQ community have been arrested and sentenced to prison. Some countries even maintain the death penalty.

“Nations that have refused to allow the film to be shown include Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates,” said Disney, distributor of the movie.


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