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Academy Final: Cesia from Honduras is the winner

  • The Academy Grand Final takes place
  • Cesia, Nelson, Rubí, Andrés and Mar are the finalists
  • Who will win this contest?

The Academy ends. The final stage of the most popular singing contest in Mexico has arrived, La Academia has come to an end, after long weeks of effort and work by the young participants who gave everything to be in these instances. Who will be the top winner of the show?

The five finalists of the thirteenth generation of “The Academy” agreed that this reality show has changed their lives, so resuming the activities they left behind with the dream of becoming the next musical phenomenon will be almost impossible, according to The universal.

The Academy Grand Final

The Academy Grand Final

Although, after the final that will take place in a few hours, Cesia, Nelson, Rubí, Andrés and Mar will return to their homes to reunite with their families, after finishing the competition. Rubí Ibarra, who has become the surprise of this generation, confessed that she will become independent from her parents:

“I immediately plan to return to Mexico City to practically live with them (with Cesia and Nelson) because we are going to be roommates. I am going to start with my projects, to start everything that I have in mind; so I think we all go along the same line, ”said the famous former fifteen-year-old, now 20 years old.

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