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Abel Pintos surprised a Mar del Plata children’s orchestra in the middle of a rehearsal

Abel Pintos surprised a Mar del Plata children's orchestra in the middle of a rehearsal

Abel Pintos appeared by surprise at the rehearsal for the Municipal Children’s Orchestra of Mar del Plata and sang with the group directed by Claudio Corradini and made up of some 60 children and adolescents.

It happened the same day that the singer gave the eighth and last presentation recital of his album Love in my life, in the Tronador room in Mar del Plata. In the afternoon, in the middle of a general rehearsal of the training directed by Corradini in the annex of the headquarters of the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón, The Bahiense appeared and joined to sing the zamba La López Pereyra.

The Municipal Infant Youth Orchestra Social Program proposes a process of social and artistic interaction among young people from the General Pueyrredón party. Free music instruction and practice is provided for youth.

Abel Pintos With The Mar Del Plata Youth Orchestra.

Abel Pintos with the Mar del Plata youth orchestra.

Abel’s word

“The truth is that I admire the work they do a lot. A few days ago Corradini was telling us since when, how and in what way they carry out this great task and I congratulate them. I hope they continue in music for a long time, which is a joy for life and it always does good to the soul“Pintos declared on his visit.

The boys play instruments like violin, viola, cello and double bass (rubbed strings); guitar, charango and ukulele (stripped strings); flute, clarinet, saxophone, pinkuyo, siku and quena (aerophones); legüero bass drum, cajon, bongo, tumbadoras and other percussion ensemble instruments.

“I hope they have a beautiful end of the year and that they continue with this and they know that they count on me for whatever it is,” Pintos told them.

At the farewell, he promised to repeat the experience: “The next time I visit the city we will meet again and sing a little more”.

Recital By Abel Pintos At The Movistar Arena.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

Recital by Abel Pintos at the Movistar Arena. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

Pintos’ agenda

Pintos comes from giving twelve sold-out concerts at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, where he presented Love in my life, his most recent album. Now he continues his tour: on Thursday and Friday he will perform in Tucumán, on Saturday he will be in Hernando (Córdoba), while on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 he will play in Mendoza.

The closing of his artistic year will be on December 4, when you participate with three dozen artists in UBA200 in concert, a free show on the steps of the Faculty of Law to conclude the celebrations of the bicentennial of the University of Buenos Aires.

A great personal moment

In September, the 37-year-old singer married Mora Calabrese, with whom they have one-year-old Agustín.

The Wedding Party Of Abel Pintos And Mora Calabrese.  Photo: Movilpress

The wedding party of Abel Pintos and Mora Calabrese. Photo: Movilpress

The singer is going through a great time: “I feel good about myself, I feel very happy in the context in which I can be myself. The environment, the support of my family generates that happiness, that feeling of comfort”, He declared in an interview with Clarín a few weeks ago, before starting the presentations of his album.

“When one has the opportunity, the privilege and the blessing of having around people who care so much for you and who love you so well you feel safe from yourself in that sense“, he concluded.

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