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Abel Pintos is the special guest in the amazing new video by Fabricio Rodríguez

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Fabricio Rodriguez premiered yesterday Friday his new video clip with the theme Drive me crazywhere none other than Abel Pintos, one of the most popular soloists in the country, appears as a special guest.

Famous as a harmonica player who played with a huge number of figures, Fabricio Rodríguez also has an important career as a soloist, singing and playing his own songs on the guitar.

Justly this year it celebrated its 20th anniversary with the release of his eighth album To liveproduced by Abel Pintos and Matías Zapata, presented live on May 13 at the Teatro Ópera.

Abel Pintos and Fabricio Rodríguez at the Teatro Opera.  Photo: press.

Abel Pintos and Fabricio Rodríguez at the Teatro Opera. Photo: press.

Abel came up there as a special guest, to do the song they sing together on the album, Drive me crazy, and the live footage became Fabricio’s new video

That night there were also other special guests, such as Alejandro Lerner, Manuel Wirzt and Javier Calamaro.

Drive me crazy It is already uploaded to all digital platforms. It is a song with airs of country music that “places us in that place where we find peace and feel safe through love to face adversity and be able to enjoy the simple things that life has”, as defined by its author.

As for the disk To livehas the participation of great guests such as Mariana Baraj, Seba Lopez (from Los Tekis), El Indio Lucio Rojas and Ahyre, as well as Abel Pintos and Matías Zapata.

Fabrizio’s plans

This union of Pintos and Rodríguez was not the first time they got together on the Teatro Opera stage, but previously it was always in Abel recitals.

As Fabricio said, “It was a joy, because I’ve always had to accompany him. That’s why, when I invited him, I told him that I’d accompanied him countless times at the Opera, but this time I wanted him to accompany me in just one”.

Fabrizio Rodriguez.  Photo: press

Fabrizio Rodriguez. Photo: press

It was also the first time in his entire career that Fabricio set foot on that stage with his own show, accompanied by his entire band and with special guests.

-Do you think there is more desire to see live music than before the pandemic?

– I notice that the activity has resumed. When we finished the tour in 2020 we were with many projects and other perspectives. Now he turned, but with the perspective of the country’s situation. That’s why it’s not the same as before. There are many municipalities that were severely punished economically and emotionally. I think we had to go back a lot.

-What comes after the Opera?

-A tour of the United States to do 10 shows in 10 days, including playing at a very nice festival in Washington DC, where we had already been in 2018 and 2019. It will be a very nice adventure and they are new challenges.

Fabrizio Rodriguez.  press photo

Fabrizio Rodriguez. press photo

-In what kind of rooms are these recitals?

-Some shows are in clubs organized by Argentines who want to keep Argentine music alive there. And the most interesting thing is that they are not only Argentines, but people from all over Latin America, and Yankees who like our music and dance zambas and chacareras. And when we return we will tour the interior of the country. Thank God, the year is coming along well.


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