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Abel Pintos and Francesca Valenzuela perform their song and video together live

The musical union between Abel Pintos and Francesca Valenzuela that takes shape with the theme hug usThere was a turning point with the presentation of a new versionAdded to the video clip made by Argentine interpreter and Chilean singer.

The song is from Abel’s album, love in my life And the new meeting between the artists was this Thursday night, in the Siranush room in Palermo, before the public who participated in the presentation live.

The announcement, which also included a contest from various radio stations in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba, and from the networks of the production company Plan Divino, to win a spot at the meet, was also broadcast to thousands of followers on social networks. Hosted by Agustin Ganoni and Fede Barrero.

Abel Pintos and Francisca Valenzuela in the Siranush Room with the public.  Photo: Guido Adler.

Abel Pintos and Francisca Valenzuela in the Siranush Room with the public. Photo: Guido Adler.

In this context, the singers premiered the new version of hug us in acoustic format.

Composed by Abel and Ariel Pintos, This Reversion in the Key of Bachata is produced by Nicolas Cotton and a video clip directed by Vodas and shot in Torrepublo in Buenos Aires. Intimate and minimal, the video brings to the fore the talent and vocal and oratorical virtuosity of both the artists.

Abel, going to the opera

Abel Pintos.  Instagram photo of Jesus Maria Festival.

Abel Pintos. Instagram photo of Jesus Maria Festival.

Pintos, with a career spanning 26 years and 13 albums released, is preparing to return to Buenos Aires, where he will perform at the Teatro Opera Orbis. After submission during 2021 love in my life 12 completely sold out shows at Movistar Arena will be airing during May, June and July Abel in Concert Buenos Aires,

Beginning Wednesday, May 18, the 30-night series will introduce artists to a brand new show that has added to the songs of their entire careers. Tickets can be purchased at www.ticketek.com.ar or through the Theater Box Office (Av. Corrientes 860).

Throughout his career, Abel has received dozens of awards and accumulated a total of 1 billion streams in addition to 1.9 billion views on his videos worldwide. With his music he has toured throughout Argentina as well as Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

Abel Pintos.

Abel Pintos.

In 2020 he was the first artist from Argentina to be invited to be part of talk on googleA global talk show that aims to bring inspiring guests to share their thoughts (personalities such as Barack Obama and Lady Gaga, among others, have participated in the United States).

Among its thousands of live performances, the 12-show series stands out. sold 21 consecutive sold-out performances at the Movistar Arena in 2021 and at the Teatro Opera Orbis in Buenos Aires in 2015, a record that it will break this year by presenting 30 concerts at the theater.

a chili figure

Francisca Valenzuela, Chilean singer.  Photo: Press / Javiera Aguirre

Francisca Valenzuela, Chilean singer. Photo: Press / Javiera Aguirre

For her part, Francisca Valenzuela is one of the most important artists on the Chilean music scene. Singer, composer, artist, activist and pianist, in her career spanning 16 years she has shared the stage with U2, Miguel Bose, Mon Lafferte, Natalia Lafourcade, Ximena Sarinana, Beto Cuevas, Pablo Alborán and many more.

Artist created stage and multidisciplinary festival at the forefront of spaces trying to make female voices visible noisy and his podcast noise radio, Francesca participated in important festivals such as Vive Latino, Lollapalooza, LAMC and Via del Mar.

In recent months, Valenzuela has released a series of singles where he not only composes and performs, but also directs video clips: Crystal Castle, Last Dance, Salu and Como La Flor, A tour has been confirmed between July and August this year that will take her to a dozen cities in the United States.


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