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Abby De La Rosa, mother of Nick Cannon’s twins, talks about having multiple siblings

The mother of Nick Cannon’s twins, Abby De La Rosa, is addressing the fact that her sons have a lot of siblings from different mothers.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday for a Q&A, De La Rosa was asked, “Are you okay with your kids having so many siblings of different moms?” To which she replied, “Omg, yes!! I grew up with such a strong sense of family. I have 14 uncles and aunts and hella cousins.”

She continued, “I am not looking for anyone to understand or agree with my point of view and I am not speaking on any family unit other than my own, but for me, my siblings with so many children. Very nice to me, it’s a blessing. Kids are a blessing in any capacity.”

Abbey de la Rosa
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Cannon and De La Rosa welcomed their twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heirs in June 2021. She announced the news of her birth with a picture where the proud mother was seen lying on a hospital bed gently rocking her newborn babies in her arms.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Cannon defended himself as a father, “Contrary to popular belief, I’ve probably been busy my entire hair day, more often than the average adult might. ,” They said.

“If I’m not physically in the same city with my kids, I’m talking to them before I go to school via FaceTime and stuff. And then when I’m [in the same city, I’m] Taking my kids to school, like making sure I pick them up.”

He continued: “Ensuring all those things, [I’m there for] All extracurricular activities. I’m involved in everything from coaching to learning guitar with my daughter every week. ,

Last month, De La Rosa announced that she was pregnant again. The 31-year-old DJ did not reveal who the child’s father is, but asked fans to follow him on another social media platform for “all the special content”.

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