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Aaron Carter separates from his fiancee Melanie Martin 1 week after welcoming his son: “I’m devastated”

Aaron Carter separates from his fiancee Melanie Martin 1 week after welcoming his son:

Just days after Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin became parents to a baby boy, the singer announced that they had “decided to go our separate ways” and accused Mel of “betraying him” while speaking to his family. from which he was separated.

” For personal reasons, Melanie Martin and I decided to take separate paths ”, Aaron Carter tweeted in the early hours of November 30. The news came a week after Aaron, 33, and Melanie welcomed their first child together, a son named Prince Lyric Carter. From there, things turned sour – quickly. Aaron blamed his twin sister, Angel Carter, to “communicate with my ex-fiancé” and who “ruined everything, saw [Melanie] knew what Angel tried to do to me in court. Thanks, Angel. You have ruined my family. God protects you.”

“I have the most cunning cheating family,” Aaron tweeted. For years, Aaron faced his sister, Angel, his brother Nick carter, and Nick’s wife, Lauren Kitt. Aaron accused Melanie of “lying to me all the time [by] communicating with my twin sister and family members who tried to put me in jail and who tried to get guardianship over me in court. I am in shock. It’s horrible. In other Tweeter, Aaron declared that Mélanie “she knew my limits and especially not to speak to certain half of my family”. However, he didn’t go into the details of what Mel allegedly said.

“I’ve never felt so devastated and betrayed and lied in my whole life, it’s such a horrible situation considering that Prince doesn’t deserve any of this, and now it’s my job to be just a single dad. , and that’s what’s going to happen, “Aaron said. During the storm of tweets, the” I Want Candy “frontman also referred to the restraining order his brother has filed against him for allegations that Aaron “carries[ed] thoughts and intentions to kill [his] pregnant woman. Aaron has denied the allegations.

Aaron Carter Separates From His Fiancee Melanie Martin 1 Week After Welcoming His Son: &Quot;I'M Devastated&Quot; - Light Home News
Aaron Carter posing with his fiancee, Melanie Martin (MediaPunch / Shutterstock)

Aaron too claims that Mélanie “told me she was leaving [to] Vegas with her friend Carmen [Nys] of 90 day fiancé. … Seems like she’s had a back-up plan all this time. Oh and [she] said I’ll never see my son again. Carmen Nys has denied this accusation in videos and a declaration posted on his Instagram story. About nine hours after Aaron started this tweetstorm, he ended it with a statement. “Mel and I appreciate the support and concern we have shown. We will both continue to make Prince our priority during this difficult time. please be respectful as we transition and navigate this unfortunate situation. # Sorry. “

This drama follows good news for Nick and Melanie. The couple announced on November 22 that they had given birth to their son. “13 hours of work but my fiance is in excellent health thank you Lord and the incredibly kind and loving staff here,” Aaron wrote on Instagram. “Prince is precious, I love you, son. Your mom loves you as I cry tears on the phone. I’m the one cutting her umbilical cord. My precious family. ‘

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