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A year without Armando Manzanero

A year without Armando Manzanero

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .— A year ago, Armando Manzanero, one of the best composers, went out because of the coronavirus. “The King of Romanticism”, as he was called, was born in Yucatán and wrote more than 400 songs that reached all corners of Latin America and the world.

Maestro Manzanero has recorded more than 30 studio albums and worked with artists such as Carlos Rivera, Paulina Rubio, Aranza, Angélica María, Luis Miguel and Alejandro Sanz, to name a few from an endless list. Everyone will no doubt remember him for the sweet romance that was in his lyrics, his music fell in love with thousands of couples celebrating their love for the sounds of “Somos novios” and “Adoro”; It cannot be denied that his boleros are a legacy to Spanish music and that they have shown him various obeisances since his death so that his work will never be forgotten.

In memory of the composer who died on December 28th, 2020, we present a selection of his best songs and some information that you may not yet know.

“We are Boyfriends” is a song that speaks of the infinite love of a couple who, being just friends, already have everything.

“We are friends because we both feel a deep mutual love and have already won the greatest thing in this world”, Manzanero sings in this melody that exudes the freshness of first love.

This song was sung by Luis Miguel and Felipa Giordano, among others, but was so successful that it was recorded in his version “It’s Impossible” by Anglo-Saxon artists such as Perry Como and the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley Another important collaboration of this song was the duet by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera for the Sanremo Music Festival, Italy.

Another great success

In the song “I saw it raining this afternoon” melancholy and nostalgia flood the song of a lover who has lost his love. “I just know that I saw it raining, I saw people running and you weren’t there.”

The success of this song was also brought into English by Alejandro Sanz and Tonny Bennet, the latter recorded it alone: ​​”Yesterday, I Heard the Rain”. Other artists who recorded this bolero were Eydie Gormé and Roberto Carlos in the 1970s.

“With You I Learned” is a song they even used in commercials. We all know the fragment of “With you I learned that there are new and better emotions.”

This ballad was performed by Alejandro Fernández, Rocío Dúrcal, Nicho Hinojosa and Luis Miguel.

“I love the way you smile, the way you scold me sometimes. I adore the silk of your hands, the kisses we give each other, I adore them, my dear life, ”wrote the composer, inspired by a Peruvian waltz that finally decided to turn it into a ballad.

This song, which tells us about the worship of the simplicity and complexity of love, was sung by Juan Gabriel, Chavela Vargas, Alejandro Sanz and the most famous is the northern version of the Bronco group, which even had a duet with Julieta Venegas. “Adoro” has been translated into at least five languages.

Soap operas

Armando Manzanero wrote songs for several telenovela entries, as in the case of Aranza’s “Dime” for the successful telenovela “Mirada de mujer”. In 1996, however, “Nada personal” was the main theme and the name of the soap opera. He was accompanied by Lisset, one of his favorites for a duet, but he narrated this melody with Ana Torroja and Tania Libertad.

“I miss you” is a hymn to the longing of people who want back those who have left. This tune had very popular versions by Luis Miguel and Ricardo Montaner.

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Unsurpassed version

Other songs by Armando Manzanero such as “No”, “No sé tú” and “Porbajo de la mesa” are extremely popular with Luis Miguel and Alejandro Fernández, but the Maestro’s version is not comparable.

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