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A woman kisses King Charles III on his arrival at Buckingham Palace (VIDEO)

  • King Carlos III arrives at the Palace hours after the death of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Does it break protocols? A woman kisses the king and raises controversy
  • The king receives a warm welcome approaching the people and living together

Woman kisses King Charles III: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III arrived a few hours ago at Buckingham Palace for the first time as monarch of the United Kingdom. AP Agency reported that the king flew from Scotland on Friday and an official Bentley car took him to the royal residence. A large crowd applauded his arrival.

According to reports from said source, the new king got out of the car to greet people and contemplate the enormous number of floral offerings in honor of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. Some shouted, “Thank you, Charles!” and other phrases of support. Others sang the national anthem, which is now “God Save the King” instead of “God Save the Queen.” But there was a moment that paralyzed everyone, because he would be breaking the protocol.

Woman kisses King Carlos III: They announce the protocols that will be carried out

Woman kisses King Carlos III

The Royal Family announced through its official social networks that mourning will be taking place, because in that sense, the flags will remain at half-staff the next day until the last day of royal mourning, as it was announced through the twitter account The Royal Family

On the other hand, it was also reported that the royal guards will fire a round for each year of the Queen’s life, and as for the royal residences, it was announced that they will remain closed until after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Filed Under: Woman kisses King Carlos III

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