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a weekend in which news added points

Even though it was the live gala of the “Team Lali”, the most popular of the program, La Voz argentina (at 10:30 p.m., on Telefe) he didn’t have it as easy as other sundays: although it won the rating of the day, it was only one point behind its direct rival, Periodismo para todos (at 10 p.m., by El Trece), with news from Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as a central axis.

The musical reality that Marley commands from Sunday to Thursday) averaged 11.9 points, in a broadcast in which the eight participants of Lali Espósito’s team competed with each other. As defined by the public vote, which was the one who chose the six who went on to the next instance, the cycle was performed livea situation that usually provokes greater interest in the audience.

But, on a day without so much burning, PPT remained near the top: the program of Jorge Lanata it scored 10.9 points, thus shortening the difference between the two most watched cycles on Sundays. In fact, last week, the distance between the two had been three points.

In the cuts, Lali was "pure chape".  This time, with Marley.

In the cuts, Lali was “pure chape”. This time, with Marley.

Beyond the usual ups and downs of Argentine TV, this weekend there was a greater interest in the country’s news, with a good portion of the audience migrating to news signals. And on Saturday, for example, with the coverage of what was happening around the Vice President’s house, in Recoleta, America news managed to be the most viewed of the channel during the afternoon.

Sunday numbers

The table of the five most viewed of the day, with The voice Y PPT in the first two places, was completed with Pass word (9.6 points) and the last passenger (6.8), both by Telefe, and the cycle Cinema Shampoo (by El Trece), which with the issuance of The big Wall garnered 6.2 points.

And as for the winners of each channel, on Public TV it was imposed The final of the CT, with 2.5 points. In Elnueve he headed I live for you (2.2); In America, Sunday night (1,1), in net won The best of TV editing (0.4) and, in Bravo, the most watched was Bravo Niuswith 0.2.

Editorial by Jorge Lanata, after the prison request for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Editorial by Jorge Lanata, after the prison request for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The ranking of the seven channels of air formed with Telefe (7 points), El Trece (5.3), Elnueve (1.4), América (0.9), Public TV (0.9), Net TV (0.3) and Bravo (0.1). As for the slots, the first afternoon (from 12 to 16) and the prime time (from 8 pm to midnight) were for Telefe, while the second afternoon (from 4 pm to 8 pm) was for El Trece.

Saturday’s rating

The podium of August 27 was in the hands of Telefewith pH and his 7.5 points in the lead, followed by Pass word (6.5) and the nth repetition of Married with kids (5.8).

The most viewed of El Trece, with 5.5, was Jack Reacher no return. In Elnueve he won relentless (1.7); in America, the central newscast with two points, on the state screen led the Argentine film I’m like that, Aunt (0.7). And they closed the table editing tv with 0.5 per Net, and Avenue brazilwith 0.2, by Bravo.

The general averages of the channels gave as winner to Telefe with 6 pointsahead of El Trece with 4.7, América with 1.5, Elnueve with 1.2, Public TV with 0.4, Net TV with 0.2 and Bravo with 0.1.

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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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