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A video of Luis Miguel imitating José José caused a furor on social networks

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Luis Miguel’s Tiktok honoring José José went viral Photo: Infobae

More than 2 years have passed since the death of The Prince of Song due to pancreatic cancer and tributes continue to come to light for the famous singer. In this context, there are indications that there was a mutual admiration between the artists, at the time José José came to affirm that Sun he was “heir to the musicality of this country”.

For his part, Luis Miguel never hid his admiration for the interpreter of The sad, The love and the love, The ship of oblivion and varias more. On this occasion, some Internet users recalled that after his death in September 2019, Luis Miguel decided to honor the famous Mexican singer.

The tribute to José José occurred during a concert that Luis Miguel offered several years ago, but which recently returned to circulate in TikTok and unleashed the curiosity of the users by the unexpected way in which the singer of Now you can go, the unconditional and you know one thing paid homage to Prince of Song

In the video you can see Sun singing You Only You, theme that belongs to his album loving you is a pleasurefrom 1999. Just at the moment when he sings the verse “If I kiss you I fly to heaven until I lose myself”, Luis Miguel imitates the way José José sings, even the Puerto Rican-born leans his body slightly backwards, in the same way that José José did.

As expected, the public could not hide their emotion and immediately applauded Luis Miguel’s brief tribute to the singer born in Mexico City: “The day Luismi made a José José”, wrote the user who recovered the audiovisual material.

“He did it in memory of Prince”. “That technique is only acquired after taking 1,000 vats.” “Yes, he imitated José José, even he did the posture of him leaning back, that’s why the cry of the people.” “And the people knew how to see it! My Immortal Prince! We love you, José José!”, Are some reactions recovered from the comment box of the tiktok.

Luis Miguel has four decades of experience in the music industry and that led him to make important musical collaborations, but he also had several pending meetings with important artists, one of them was with José José.

It should be remembered that in life the important Mexican singer spoke of the admiration he felt for a still young Luis Miguel, it was in an interview with Verónica Castro, where he highlighted the work and talent of Luis Miguel: “At last there was someone who gave him in the nail. I made a bolero album years ago, it wasn’t bad at all, with all the honesty in the world I think we could have promoted it better”.

But someone came who, as Don Pedro Vargas said: every 20 years the heir to the enormous musicality of this country will be born and he is here, my son Luis Miguel”, he added.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

To end his talk with the mother of Cristian Castro, the father of José Joel and Marysol Sosa asked for a big round of applause “For that beautiful talent that God has given him,” he said.

To date, the life of José José continues to appear in the topics of conversation on social networks due to the multiple controversies that have surrounded his family, such as the distribution of the assets of the iconic Mexican singer and the legal dispute between Anel Noroña’s family. and that of his other daughter, Sarita Sosa.


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