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a tangle of twists and turns

a tangle of twists and turns

Nicolas Francella makes his film debut as a leading man with this psychological thriller that seeks to ride on Hitchcock’s common premise of placing the ordinary man in an extraordinary situation.

in sightseeing Follows a call center employee, who appears to be comfortable in a robotic job, until he is confronted by a call from a customer who demands to be terminated from service immediately and assures him that he is a The building neighbor is pointing the rifle at him and will trigger if you try to cut the call.

"En la Mira" with Nicolas Francella in the call center.

“En la Mira” with Nicolas Francella in the call center.

francella He doesn’t look like the typical telemarketer, the business that a few decades ago, before the advent of food delivery applications, was the first job opportunity for young people in general. Axl, his character, is a canchero who, unlike his peers, isn’t afraid to stand up to his boss.

Some acting tricks of his father

"In These Sightseeings" with Nicolas Francella

“In These Sightseeings” with Nicolas Francella

Nicolas plays this hummingbird with some of his father acting in Guillermo’s grim cinematographic stage, as if he was lucky enough to have him without having to go through endless hooligans as the bathing boy, the exterminator, or the father. With conviction managed to sink.

puma delivers gooey

"In These Sightseeings" with Puma Goeti.

“In These Sightseeings” with Puma Goeti.

puma goitie is the sound on the phone And it serves to give different nuances to the fury of the subscriber who wants to unsubscribe from the service, but over time its presence becomes tedious as it does not deprive itself of any clear observation that the hero’s Anticipates possible reactions, to the extent of seeming like a heavy onlooker in the room who doesn’t stop to comment on what happens on screen.

a voice on the phone

The telephonic voice as a constant engine of the film’s protagonist’s narrative arc is a resource that was used, not so long ago, by thrillers that, beyond consequences, were quite similar in plot, such as deadly link either Mobile,

"In Sight" with Nicolas Francella and Emilia Atias.

“In Sight” with Nicolas Francella and Emilia Atias.

In those cases, the voice over the phone prompts the heroes to get better and break out of the mold, but Axl is barely able to break away from the automaton’s core behavior, though he loses his cool as the minutes go by and Enters the spiral of frustration, which never manages to completely deviate from the rigid rules that call centers impose on their employees.

in sightseeing This may have been an effective B-thriller from the early years of the millennium, but under the direction of producer Ricardo Hornos and photographer Carlos Gil, it was the first to both embellish it with its message about the dehumanization of a system designed to afflict victims. They are in the eternal struggle of the poor against the poor, regardless of which side they are on the counter.

the end comes along a tangle of twists and turns Which sinks in while trying to give more depth to the film. Hornos and Gil finally insist on the human message without much meaning insight, After attacking him during a phone conversation of about one and a half hours.


in sightseeing

Eligibility: Regular

Thriller. Argentina, 2022, 85′. Direction: Ricardo Hornos and Carlos Gil. with: Nicolas Francella, Paula Reca, Emilia Atias and Maxi de la Cruz.

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