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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A special request from the new king? They announce why Meghan did not accompany Harry to Balmoral

  • King Carlos III seems not to be happy with his son and daughter-in-law
  • Before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, she made a special request of her son
  • Is that why Meghan didn’t attend Balmoral?

DO THE TENSIONS STILL EXIST? One day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, details about one of the most controversial presences in England continue to emerge: Prince Harry. After his separation from royalty, the youngest son of Lady Di and Carlos, has been in the tabloids for his harsh words towards his royal family and for the decision to leave with Meghan to the United States.

The couple made up of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have stopped talking since they decided to move from the country and even from the continent and some people close to royalty, have not hesitated to declare that they have become one of the couples more uncomfortable UK.



After the cameras of the local media captured Prince Harry without Meghan’s company on his way to Balmoral, rumors have spread about what could have happened with the couple and if the presence of Markle -as a maiden- was not requested or prevented by some actual member. And well, after the statements of the former actress to The Cut The rumor that his presence is uncomfortable for the royal family could be given reason.

But, now, with the testimony of a person close to the royal family, the doubts that arose before the -announced- presence of Meghan and the rapid cancellation of the trip to Balmoral Castle in the company of her husband, the prince, could be clarified. Harry, it could be explained by a simple reason and that is that he has become one of the “least appreciated” people by royalty.

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