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a sound of pain

If Amy Winehouse hadn’t died exactly ten years earlier on July 23, 2011, what would have happened to the careers of female singers like Dido, Adele, Lady Gaga or even Katy Perry? You What artistic peak must that little white Jewish girl have reached? Born in the small suburb of Southgate, north of London, was she alive?

Of course, none of these questions will be answered any longer, but to imagine that listening to two of Amy Winehouse’s studio albums would suffice (frankly since 2003 and back to Black 2006) or posthumously Lioness: Hidden Treasures (2011, B-sides and several unreleased, with an excellent presentation of jazz standards and even nd the girl From Ipanema) to understand that a voice like her, such a tremendous personality and image that propounds fashion and avant-garde from the stage, cannot be repeated.

Amy started singing in the lap of the house at a very young age. Her father, Michelle, a taxi driver who continued to work and drove that car through the streets of Camden well into her daughter’s career, used it well: together she worked with Frank Sinatra. sang hit songs that used to play the radio,

Amy Winehouse Had A Privileged And Peculiar Voice.  Bullets And Alcohol Took Their Toll On Him.  Photo Jeff Pachaud / Afp)

Amy Winehouse had a privileged and peculiar voice. Bullets and alcohol took their toll on him. photo Jeff Pachaud / AFP)

“We sang a verse from each song, and already at that time she showed the conditions, although when you asked her when she was going to grow up, she said she wanted to be a waitress on the rollers,” said her father. Said.

But the girl grew up. You grew up listening to a lot of music There was a huge disco in his elder brother Alex’s house. She learned easily to strum a guitar (she would later play the piano and even take drum lessons) and when she reached adolescence, most of her friends kiss each other with their little boyfriend while entertaining There were some, in the dark of the street, he began to write the first lyrics of his own songs.

At the age of 18, Amy used to hang out in pubs in the north of the English capital and sing along to herself on her guitar. people got caught by that girl With a carefree, Barbra Streisand profile and a master of truly incomparable range and assertive color.

first test

A year later, Darkus Bees, an English subsidiary of the Island/Universal label, was looking for new values ​​to sign A&R (in charge of artists and repertoire). He heard a demo and called it for testing at the record company offices. There is a very emotional video of that moment: a refreshing and somewhat daring amy winehouse singing reckless To the executive staff and the label’s marketing department, like he was doing in his living room.

From that moment to the recording of their first album there was only a small leap. frankly (thus titled in tribute to his beloved Sinatra) was published on October 20, 2003, and within a few weeks it reached the gap of platinum for its high sales. Critics and commentators immediately praised her, comparing her to Sarah Vaughan.

Your Own Style.  Amy Winehouse Did Not Copy Anyone Neither In Her Looks Nor In Her Singing.  Photo Carl De Souza / Afp)

your own style. Amy Winehouse did not copy anyone neither in her looks nor in her singing. photo Carl de Souza / AFP)

However, some shadows were already a threat to the budding superstar’s emotional stability. Initiating parental separation at the age of 9, it was a very hard blow to digest. This marked him for life. The second triggering episode was to take place several years later, with whom he would be the greatest love of his life.

With the release of his debut album, a new Winehouse was born, with a strikingly charming image. She completely changed her look, and recycled some of the style of black singer groups of the Motown era in the ’60s (the same one that dazzled the Beatles in previous decades). He shaved his hair “beehive” (Martha and the Vandellas, The Ronettes and The Supremes almost registered it as a watermark) and tattoos began to be seen on various parts of his body.

But the unexpected success, the first nominations for the awards and the popularity that came in unstoppable waves somehow made will shut down automatically. This is when Amy internally abandons all that world of flaring and flattery and takes refuge in the seedy pub to play pool, her favorite pastime.

the love that changed everything

In one of those clubs, The Champion, where he meets Blake Fielder-Civil, a skinny kid-faced bad boy who appears like a real curse in his path. Blake, A heavy drug addicts (crack, heroin, cocaine) manages to captivate her from the very first moment, dragging her along the way of dealers and high alcohol consumption.

Most fans of the singer still see her boyfriend and ex-husband as person responsible for the fall and subsequent death However, the artist is not, and as is often the case, the only culprit; Rather, many variables are brought together resulting in inevitable defeat. Everyone sees Prahar coming, but none in their most intimate environment escapes it.

Amy Winehouse And Her Husband Blake Fielder-Civil.  They Had A Toxic Relationship.  Afp Photo

Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. They had a toxic relationship. afp photo

Thus, what started out as a beautiful fairy tale soon became a horror novel. of a deep psychological terror. Under the pretext of wanting to turn the bad into the good, Amy tries to turn those pathetic and risky experiences of sado-masochistic prejudice with her boyfriend, and puts them (brilliantly, it must be said) into the lyrics of her songs. Put.

Their second album was released on 30 October 2006. back to Black, where the lyrics were veiled desperate and very straight calls for help. Increasingly heavy drug use, as well as what the new couple called “crazy nights”, soon took a toll on her figure.

sad song

His record company executives then advised him to enter a rehabilitation institution for drug addicts. And that fleeting and frustrating experience certainly produced the great hit that was right rehabilitation. “I didn’t want to know anything, I asked my dad and he told me it wasn’t necessary for me to go to rehab, which brought me great relief.”

An increasingly addicted and overwhelmed Blake Fielder—in love with the sick passion of civil, Amy got married At a secret ceremony in Miami on May 18, 2007. Despite photos of them smiling and showing off their rings, they both ended up crashing and falling in an endless downward spiral.

Suddenly, the singer’s face moved from the music section and onto the covers of specialty magazines. Big headlines from tabloid weekly. On three occasions he was nominated for the Ivor Novello Awards, the most important musical recognition in the United Kingdom. For the first time ever she looked young and fabulous. In the second version, his appearance caused concern even in the jury, and in the third he did not even attend a ceremony … historically happens in the afternoon!

Her father received the award for her, and she had to clarify that her daughter’s health was not as bad as some newspapers had claimed. But the reality was different.

The last straw came when the paparazzi caught the couple walking out of the Sanderson Hotel, in broad daylight, and just three months after the wedding. they were both completely covered in blood, with wounds, bruises and cuts Miscellaneous in different parts of the body.

Amy Winehouse, Blonde And At Her Worst.  Photo Luke Mcgregor / Reuters

Amy Winehouse, blonde and at her worst. Photo Luke McGregor / Reuters

The photographs had an impact on every level, and they went around the world. Now no one was talking about Amy’s voice or talent, and the general comment was that something was really wrong. The worst was yet to happen.

In 2007, Blake was jailed for bribery and Amy had to go on a long tour without it. private dealer who was her husbandWho is in charge of supply of medicines. At the first concert he arrived so late that a good portion of the public was leaving, and his performance was disastrous. Totally drunk (something that would be seen in different shows since then) she forgot the song and insulted the public. The rest of the shows were canceled and his reputation began to crumble.

Mother and father roles

She dyed her hair blonde, lost a lot of weight, looked very spoiled, lost her eyes and was always with a bottle of wine. Newspaper Sun She even published a photo of her on the cover, with her face full of cuts and “Please, Can anyone help him?

Amy Winehouse Had A Complicated Relationship With Her Father, Mitch.

Amy Winehouse had a complicated relationship with her father, Mitch.

Above all, Janice, her mother, seemed oblivious to everything, while His father was more concerned about extracting commercial juice from him To help your daughter overcome her addictions. This is clearly seen when, about to leave for vacation in the Caribbean, good old Mitch shows up at the airport with the entire film crew, technicians and assistants.

When Amy angrily questions him, he only manages to explain that it’s a good idea: film your break to present it to a television medium later.

back to town Hollywood has been nominated for 6 Grammy Awards, and although she is not in a position to go to receive them (in addition, the US State Department has banned her from entering that country due to drug use) Amy sings via satellite and ends with I applaud.

The “good news” for all of this is that Blake gets out of jailWith which the nights of havoc return. Fortunately, his freedom was about to be short-lived, and he returned to prison for an attack on a pub owner.

Statue Of Amy Winehouse At Camden Stables, London.  Photo Alberto Pezzali / Ap

Statue of Amy Winehouse at Camden Stables, London. Photo Alberto Pezzali / AP

This is the moment when it seems like things can be turned upside down. He takes a break on Santa Lucia Island while Blake prepares the divorce papers from his imprisonment. The atmosphere of the star breathes a sigh of relief and it unexpectedly shows signs of recovery. But this is the calm before the last storm.

now off drugs his worst enemy is alcohol. A show in Belgrade (Republic of Serbia) triggered all alarms again. A few weeks later black rumors spread across London. And finally they are confirmed when Amy is found dead in her North Camden apartment from alcohol intoxication.

at the age of 27 fuck 27 club, which includes musicians dead at that age, such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Brian Jones—and thus, the dramatic (as predicted) legend was born on July 23, 2011. Even today, even after ten years, she is a magnet covered with such magnetism that it is impossible not to remain excited while listening to her.

Its technical interpretation would be inadequate and inappropriate. There’s Something About That “Problem Girl” (as he defined himself in his subject You know I’m no good, you know I’m no good) which remains permanent over time and is found not only in its privileged throat.

Attending the event each time, through so many videos and documentaries that flood the network, confirms a legacy more present than ever. And like her idol Frank Sinatra, The Voice of Amy Winehouse will continue to captivate the whole world forever.