A song that doesn't fade even 10 years after his death

This Friday, July 23, marks another year since the death of Amy Winehouse, who died out of curiosity at the age of 27.

Like Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain, The so-called “Club of 27”.

Amy Winehouse reaches fame

Amy rose to fame with her album “Back to Black”, Where singles such as “Rehab”, “Back to Black” and “Love is a Losing Game” are released, winning important awards such as Bit Awards, MTV VMAs, Grammys among many others.

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posthumous record

singer He released only two studio albums: “Frank” (2003) and “Back to Black” (2006).

Other discs found in His music catalog was published posthumously.

an incomparable talent

Amy had a unique voice that made her stand out in the music worldShe had a contralto voice, representing a rarity among the most serious of women.

comparison of critics Emmy’s vocal series with immortals like Sarah Vaughan and Maisie Gray, primarily a jazz singer, cites MillenniumCom.

a premature earthly departure

Amy advanced her stay on Earth on 23 July 2011 When she was found dead in her London apartment.

Paramedics found him lifeless so His death was immediately announced And the autopsy revealed that the singer had consumed a large amount of alcohol.

will always be remembered

the director Asif Kapadia portrays the life, work and death of the singer through a documentary Just amy title.

In 2016 it won the Oscar for Best Documentary. Without a doubt, Amy Winehouse has briefly conquered the world with her powerful voice and music. It will always be remembered.