MEXICO CITY (EFE) .— The fervour for his or her vocation and dedication to their tasks is prime for the brothers Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva-Palacios, creators of the Huevocartoon animation and who premiered “A rescue of eggs”, the following problem of his character Toto.

“When the artists arrive to work we tell them, they will be mine for two years and we are going to give our souls like never before, this project has to mark our lives. It is an absolute miracle to make films in Mexico ”, says Gabriel.

In 1999, the 2 brothers dreamed of their front room of constructing their characters well-known, cartoons designed from eggs with Mexican personalities, risque and that additionally they took the chance to make a social criticism.

“We have been at my mother’s home with a pc, which was Huevocartoon’s funding, and we stated, ‘Are you able to think about at some point taking out our characters’ shirts and caps?’ and my brother stated to me: ‘are you able to think about a film?’ and I could not even give it some thought ”, Gabriel narrates.

A short while later the brothers managed to design these equipment, to which they added stuffed animals, socks, mugs, and an countless variety of merchandise, however crucial factor was that they managed to make movies, of which, “A rescue of eggs” is the quantity 4 of the franchise “A movie with eggs.”

The movie is yet another stage within the lifetime of Toto and Di, a rooster and a hen who’ve simply turn out to be mother and father of two very particular golden eggs.

The peculiarity of her two youngsters will entice the eye of a Russian girl who will search to market them and who will take away the characters from her ranch to enter harmful occasions that may happen in Africa.

From the start the saga has been centered on the evolution of Toto, for whom the actor Bruno Bichir has lent his voice, and this time he’ll expertise the obligations that turn out to be a father entails and on the identical time he should study to let others be completely satisfied. their youngsters.

“We made it difficult (for Bruno), in the first installment he arrived and we told him you are an egg, in the second, now you are a chicken, in the third, now a rooster and every time the character arrived he had changed, I think that we can give him another two more films ”, Rodolfo advances.

He likes the undertaking

Not solely is Bichir completely satisfied to be part of the undertaking, however he considers it an honor to resemble his character bodily.

“It is a dream come true that an interpreter can do animation in his own country and more from scratch, it is very exciting, I could not finish expressing with words what I feel,” stated the actor.

As well as, there’s a mutual admiration and friendship between the actor and the creators that, in line with Bichir, was born in a distinct undertaking than the Huevocartoon.

“We never had the intention of being the number one study in Latin America, we wanted to develop our vocation and put our soul in it,” says Gabriel, however his firm Huevocartoon has turn out to be a benchmark.

Solely in 2015 “Un gallo con many eggs”, their foray into 3D know-how, earned them viewers data within the cinema and a hit that made it one of many highest grossing Mexican movies in historical past.

After the success of 2015, Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva-Palaciosnos agreed with the individuals at Videocine that they needed to make extra movies.

“A rescue of eggs” is already proven in nationwide theaters and can hit US theaters on August 27.