A powerhouse of poetic power and indomitable clarity that marked the Argentine rock with fire

At the age of 56, singer and composer Roberto “Palo” Pandolfo, leader of Don Cornelio y la zona y los Visitores and currently head of La Hermandad, the band with which he recorded albums, died. hugging u ChangeApart from Live Triptych, dragon flight.

The musician was walking with Avenida Diaz Velez in Almagro in 5200, when fell and lost consciousness. It was 2:25 in the afternoon, and the resuscitation efforts by the medical personnel aboard the SAME ambulance at Durand Hospital, just 150 meters from the site, were in vain.

Inspired by others, passionate, intense and talented, Palo Pandolfo, who died this Thursday, July 22 at the age of 56, made his mark on Argentine rock with both group and solo projects. Every step of his career was a beacon Who published, surprised and ratified its creation.

she burst onto the local scene with Don Cornelio Group and La Jona, in the Flores neighborhood in the mid-1980s such as guitarist Alejandro Varela, bassist Federico Gazzarossian (later Me Daras Mil Hijos and Acorzado Potemkin) and drummer Claudio “Cornelio” Fernández (famous for his guest appearance with Los). Formed with musicians. In the time of Redonditos de Ricotta October)

Don Cornelio quickly excelled in the under circuit and became The forerunner of the new generation of rock replacement, following the boom of the previous pop group with Soda Stereo and Los Twist.

Palo Pandolfo - Patria O Muerte - Don Cornelio Buenos Completes 30 Years Of The Darkest Album Of National Rock Anniversary Of Patria O Muerte Music Composer'S Version

Palo Pandolfo – Patria O Muerte – Don Cornelio Buenos Completes 30 Years of the Darkest Album of National Rock Anniversary of Patria O Muerte Music Composer’s Version

Don Cornelio, more post-punk and dark than pop

It was a more post-punk and dark band than pop, although their first album was a seminal contribution. Andrés Calamaro in Artistic Production, giving them a catchy sound that created a sensation on the radio thanks to hits such as she will comehandjob chinese tea cups u garland on the wall.

“One step and your red knee two steps and your scream in the splatter three steps and your memories four steps and the wind and … if you are already on the roof after this crazy life if you are already jumping on the roof So keep it up baby jump.” Garland on the Wall (1987)

Live, Palo Pandolfo was truly unique. He embodied, like few others, the “zeitgeist” of the spirit of the time, such as, Cemento, Die Schule, Babilonia, Medio Mundo Variety, El Paracultural, Carras Mas Carras and Prix d’Ami, with memorable, anthology performances, over and over again.

However, he did not fully enjoy that promotion and there was a brief period where The meteorite seemed to defy the boom And that’s why his next move was to compose a dark album, almost blowing away the foundations he had with the band.

That motherland or death became an object of worship, as lauded by critics as it was ignored by the masses that they had previously conquered.

A Powerhouse Of Poetic Power And Indomitable Clarity That Marked The Argentine Rock With Fire - Light Home News

Visitor: With the seal of the 90s

Don Cornelio y la Zona separated in December 1989, but from the ashes Another seminal band was born: The Visitors, again with Gazarosyan on bass, in addition to his wife Karina Cohen on backing vocals. record debut was universal health, in 1993, launching a series of great works, each one different from the previous one.

Pandolfo was going Consistently doubling the creative stakes To broaden musical styles and poetic rhetoric, such as to cheer for a grand chorus that repeats syllables “P Pa Pu”.

It was precisely this poetic concern that brought Palo Pandolfo closer to a well-known poetry group called Los Verbonotas, a kind of open secret that visited underground venues such as La Luna Pub, which added to his quintessentially fearless inspiration. Figures like Tom Lupo, Osvaldo Vigna, Vicente Luy and even Gabo Ferros.

“Oh! Who knows the singer’s business Hugging pleasure too pain Good song A gesture of courage Infuse madness and splendor Always the passion and the love that comes and goes.” The Office of Cantor (2008)

The visitors’ trajectory showed them from rock and pop to tango and folklore, as demonstrated in the long and great CD called espiritango, again with calamaro production.

A Powerhouse Of Poetic Power And Indomitable Clarity That Marked The Argentine Rock With Fire - Light Home News

A live album with a new lineup, Then Important maderita and swan song imbalance, in 1998, in addition to two new songs in a compilation that came out just before the turn of the century.

Palo Pandolfo, Soloist, Troubleshooter, Poet

palo pandolfo finally Was encouraged to step up as a solo artist in 2001Masterful. Starting from through dreams where he was supported and supported by guests such as Fito Páez, Federico Gil Sola and Super Ratones.

Rock Musician And Composer Of Such Influential Groups As Palo Pandolfo, Don Cornelio And Los Visitors, Tellum

Rock musician and composer of such influential groups as Palo Pandolfo, Don Cornelio and Los Visitors, Tellum

Then they made an irreverent cover album called OK color, where he was encouraged to sing songs by Spinetta, Silvio Rodriguez, Radiohead, Bob Marley, Mano Negra and David Bowie. Another hard artistic bet, without thinking about commercial revenue, and with another extraordinary result, with the appearance of figures such as Charlie Garcia, Adrian Dargelos and Richard Coleman above.

Over the next few years, Palo alternated solo and band performances that he named El Ritual and later La Hermandad. Thus came the acoustic creole ritual, with special appearances by Lidia Borda, Peteco Carabajal and Lisandro Aristimuno, and then it’s a hug.

During the last five years he edited Change, which featured a very interesting documentary by Kordovan director Ivan Volovi,, and then brought together songs from his entire career in Triptych. dragon flight.

“Fate, folly, controlled chaos, I make my destiny with everything I bring in. I change my past, so I live, therefore I live, therefore I live. I am alive, therefore I am…” Eyes of Tomorrow (2016)

Just three weeks ago they released the single your love, with Santiago Motorizado, who speculated A new era of creativity on the stickWell, with an electroacoustic sound disc.

“This is the second cut of a record I’ve been programming for a long time – he counted a few days back – because I started it in March last year, it was cut because of the quarantine and we did it again at the end of the year. started with . first we go up divided soul on my YouTube channel and then my love, with Santiago, whom I met in 2013, when we went to an ice cream parlor in Ituzingo just before the el mato show, which i loved. “

A Powerhouse Of Poetic Power And Indomitable Clarity That Marked The Argentine Rock With Fire - Light Home News

“Later,” he continued, “we saw each other at the Viva Elastic Show, and now I invite him to do this song, because he’s a tremendous artist and it’s a miracle how he sings and how he feels. Then the strange songs will come because It will be a weirder and more introspective, flowing, psychedelic and meditative album., with so many vocals that I do solo or in shorter formats”.

A Powerhouse Of Poetic Power And Indomitable Clarity That Marked The Argentine Rock With Fire - Light Home News

Palo also cultivated a media aspect with concerts on the Encuentro channel (putting voice-overs for a series of documentaries). maybe because on Argentine Rock) and on Radio de la Ciudad (free thoughtTuesday at 9 p.m.).

Palo had planned to give a recital at the Moran Cultural Center on 7 August. He was more active than ever, planning a tour of Mendoza and the release of his new work in September. Today, however, A dark cloud envelops her fans and all those who have always loved and admired her.

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