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A play of Broadway is possible in Charlotte thanks to this theater: Interview

When you think of Charlotte, you don’t associate it directly with Broadway in New York, the musical district par excellence, but there is a connection and a slice of this iconic Queen City location thanks to this theater. And according to Tom Gabbard, CEO of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, this theater makes Charlotte the city with the most Broadway plays in the country. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: The musical Legally Blonde arrives in North Carolina, how much are the tickets?The story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan comes to Raleigh with this musical: INTERVIEW This is no accident, however, because with decades of experience, Gabbard tells what the process is to bring these musicals to life, even with years of preparation.

“If the shows get big awards, like the Tonys, then they have a good chance of coming to Charlotte. So the prize part is one of the considerations,” Gabbard shared in an interview with La Noticia.

It has been almost 20 years since Gabbard came to North Carolina with his family from California and during these years he had the opportunity to be invited to several performances of the musicals, even from the first reading. “A few months ago we had the musical Waitress, but I actually had the opportunity to see the show eight years ago, so often we’re involved with these shows from the start and with the goal of bringing them to Charlotte,” he said Tom., CEO of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Check out this post on Instagram A post by Blumenthal Performing Arts (@blumenthalarts) How is it possible that a piece of Broadway is coming to Charlotte thanks to this theater? Gabbard notes that the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center hosts some of the city’s largest entertainment and cultural events. This arts center operates a total of six theaters, and they also manage venues in Charlotte.

They had 18 Broadway titles in the last year alone. According to Gabbard, they’re partners or co-producers on about three works a year on average, but overall they’ve been partners on about 150 titles in the venue’s history. “There is no city in the country that presents tours with as many Broadway numbers as Charlotte. The people of the city have a lot more choice than other, even larger cities,” emphasizes the culture sponsor. For Gabbard it is important that the community is interested in these shows, for this he looks for stories in which all people feel represented, for example in July they presented La Jaula de las Locas, a musical entirely in Spanish. Representation is important to Gabbard and bringing these shows is an opportunity for him to cultivate future audiences and bring the highest quality shows to people without having to leave town.

“When I moved in with my wife we ​​didn’t know what the scene was going to be like, we love the city, how warm it is. We raised the game here in general. There is more curiosity about the art. People are much more interested in the art they were then,” says the CEO. From Tom Gabbard’s perspective, the city has become more cosmopolitan, international and with more inclusive shows, but that’s no accident, it’s an ongoing effort to push boundaries and Breaking stereotypes.” There’s no question (greater inclusion), especially in recent years, maybe it started with Hamilton, but there’s a genuine desire in the art to make it more inclusive. Last year for example with Strange Loop, Best Musical Tony’s, which was about a black gay man, pushed the boundaries further and I’m very proud that our industry is rising to the challenges and we look forward to moving forward.” Tom Gabbard Musicals, musicals, but… What else does the Performing Arts Center Blumenthal have to offer? Tom is no stranger to the fact that they are known for Broadway shows and plays, but he assures them they are more than that. Proof of that is that the Charlotte International Art Festival debuts this September, the 16th to be precise, with artists from around the world.

The Charlotte International Arts Festival will debut, see all the details left by the pandemic, where cultural and entertainment events have been almost entirely suspended. “We need to pursue stories that are relevant to upcoming audiences and artists to fulfill the dream of their careers. On average before the pandemic there were about 100 shows a year, this year they were presented more because they haven’t been for a long time, like in 2021,” Tom Gabbard in an interview with La Noticia. Three Broadway shows are coming soon at the Charlotte Theater not to be missed And who better than Tom to recommend Broadway shows not to be missed: Tina: tells the story of Tina Turner, “It’s a little bit painful, there are themes of domestic violence, but inspirational at the same time. Everything this woman has done and the celebration of her music.” Les Miserables: “It’s one of those shows that people never tire of and want to see again. Definitely recommend it.” You may be interested: The musical Les Misérables is coming to GreensboroA Soldiers Play: This Tony Award-winning, Pulitzer Prize-winning story begins with the murder of a black sergeant who a series of interrogations and a “riveting torrent of questions about sacrifice, ministry, and America’s identity.” Norm Lewis stars. It will be presented from January 10th to 22nd, 2023.

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