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“A Pig”: Carmen Salinas, Pati Chapoy and even his personal daughter in opposition to Lalo Mora


An increasing number of ladies are discovering that the singer’s abuse is outrageous and must be punished.

MEXICO. – The singer’s conduct Lalo Mora It has generated the anger of a number of folks together with celebrities and even his family. Just lately actress Carmen Salinas spoke in opposition to sexual abuse that the singer practices regional Mexican music.

The additionally “comedian” gave a harsh however haunting message that sparked reward in her favor.

Carmen Salinas exploded in opposition to Lalo Mora

In an interview with the morning newspaper “Hoy” Carmen Salinas was very upset with what occurred to Lalo Mora and a fan who improperly touches and in a single Video.

Carmelita, reminding herself that it was Mother and grandma stated really feel very apprehensive with the inappropriate act of the person who, at his age, shouldn’t disregard ladies on this means and in public. So he could not maintain again and referred to as it “garbage, filthy and filthy”.

You’re garbage however I believe as a result of a little bit lady who put her hand in her bosom gave me plenty of braveness. Who’re you, Bastard so he can do this with all the women, seize them, put his hand wherever he needs, ”stated Carmelita Salinas with nice braveness.

However the nice anger Carmen felt made her classify Lalo Mora as an fool:

You are a idiot I say it upfront as a result of I’m a mom and a grandmother; and To suppose that an fool such as you would put his hand on her… It makes me offended, who’re you to grope these poor creatures. I do not see that with my colleagues, the opposite singers, whoever does that, is sick, ”concluded Carmen Salinas.

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Pati Chapoy assaults Lalo Mora

The journalist Pati Chapoy, is one other well-known who certified? to the so-called “King of the Thousand Crowns” like a “predator”“Which is inconceivable to defend for such a vile angle.

“That can’t be the justification. How about her (Mora’s daughter) happens to her and she goes with this man who … Is a predator“, It confirmed within the subject of” Ventaneando “.

However Pati wasn’t the one one on this present who railed in opposition to the Norteño singer, Pati’s remark was supported by Pedro Solawho additionally stated he was upset concerning the motion of the “Los Herederos de Nuevo León” singer.

“How easily does this man put his hand on the chest of this girl who took a picture with him, or how?” Stated Pedrito Sola, disgusted.

His personal daughter may be very upset about Lalo Mora’s conduct

No person is happy with the actions of Lalo Mora, not even his daughters; Aurora Mora, Daughter of the Nordic music interpreter gave an interview to Multimediaos and there he disapproved of his father’s conduct, however he has expressed that it’s one thing he does in an peculiar means.

“There are no words, what are we doing. The shit * # $%, he gives her the phone and this and that the other, I’m half annoyed,” Aurora advised Multimedios. Nonetheless, the singer’s daughter added that “if you already know him, why are they getting close to him”, which the latter provoked criticism of him.

The identical channel provided Lalo Mora, a room for him to speak about what occurred and ask all his followers for a public apology, however the man didn’t present up.

It must be famous that the 74-year-old singer he’s the daddy of 4 ladies and has a spouse.

What did Lalo Mora do?

A couple of months in the past they shared Movies by which he was proven as a singer regardless of Covid-19 and the need of his followers he kissed his followers on the mouth, nonetheless others he grabbed their breasts or different physique components.

However recently on social networks a Video the place you see a younger lady strolling as much as you and asking for a photograph, and Lalo Mora tries to kiss her, however the younger lady evades him, after taking the image, the person places his hand in her shirt and touches her breast, she reacts instantly, so she pushes him away.

What precipitated essentially the most hassle is the younger lady’s face, which appears to be like actually upset on the conduct of the singer, who seconds later is taking an image with a person, like nothing occurred.

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