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A photo of Jesús Sonqui’s wake comes to light, but something goes wrong (PHOTOS)

  • They show an image of the wake of Jesús Sonqui
  • They detect detail in the funeral of the businessman
  • “They left you alone”

Funeral Jesús Sonqui empty. After the tragedy that occurred a few days ago where the murder of businessman Jesús Armando Sonqui, better known as El Sonqui, was revealed, the wake was held on the night of September 14. However, they noticed something strange while the coffin was open.

It should be remembered that the death of the artistic representative, who was known in the field of regional Mexican music, impacted many followers due to the rumors that have arisen in recent days. Being that of the former member of The Academy as a suspect one of the most notorious in social networks.

Funeral of Jesus Sonqui looks empty

Funeral of Jesus Sonqui looks empty

The artistic representative Jesús Sonqui was in charge of artists such as Alta Consigna and Panchito Arredondo. The artist lost his life on September 12 when he was attacked by armed men in the middle of the street while he was at a street food stall in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, according to Infobae.

Jesús Sonqui lost his life at the age of 36, however during the funeral some Internet users noticed something strange. It is worth mentioning that the first image of the open coffin was shown where the remains of the musical artist who was shot by an armed group rest.

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