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A New Version of the Unconventional Festival Arrives

The city’s Ministry of Culture presents a new edition of the Non-Traditional Festival (FNC), dedicated to shows presented in unusual venues, starring together professional and amateur artists.

In this second edition, the festival returns after being recharged in two phases. In the first half of the year, with the innovation of including the show in various venues in the province of Buenos Aires, such as the municipalities of Lanas, Tres de Fabrero and Vicente López. And then, in the spring of 2022, it will continue with its programming based on the city of Buenos Aires.

the director Martin BauerAt the same time as face-to-face activities, most of FNC’s programming can be viewed from anywhere in the country via Vivamos Cultura.

The unconventional festival will continue in the city and in Greater Buenos Aires until December.  photo press

The unconventional festival will continue in the city and in Greater Buenos Aires until December. photo press

On Sunday, May 22, the program will begin with a huge concert for a large orchestra in the province of Buenos Aires: terrectorhoby Iannis Xenakis, which will allow the public to sit among the musicians enjoying a unique experience.

The concert will be held at CEDEM 2 with free admission in Casaros (February 3). It will be a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Iannis Xenakis, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, and in a truly unconventional context as it is a sports centre, especially the pitch of a futsal gym.

Presented by the Buenos Aires OEBA’s Student Orchestra and the Musical Artistic Journey Tam Orchestra, conducted by Tambor Fantasma and guest musicians ensemble, Pablo Drucker, the concert will be a unique experience as the sounds literally move around the audience, who sit in the middle of the whole Musicians creating unusual concert conditions in kind.

Then, in July, you can enjoy minimal work in Lanús Drumming, by Steve Reich, with lighting and video for 9 percussionists, 2 female vocals, whistling and piccolo. In addition to being one of the great composers of the last fifty years, Reich’s score is considered The first masterpiece of American minimalism,

in the creek.  Unconventional festival.  photo courtesy Festival

in the creek. Unconventional festival. photo courtesy Festival

Reich listens to the audience as the work gradually builds up from simple to complex. In rhythmic unison and phase shift games, they generate new rhythms that progress through three different families of instruments, gradually increasing their tension and intensity until abrupt and exciting endings.

In September, in Vicente López, the public will be able to appreciate Le Noir de l’EtoileBy Gerard Griese, an open-air show by 6 percussionists that will bring together music and science.

The show is based on the celestial phenomenon of pulsars (neutron stars light years away from Earth), which spin at surprisingly high speeds, emitting radio waves reaching our planet at stable frequencies.

Captured and translated into sound, they produce rhythmic patterns such as Griese integrated into this composition. Before the concert, Argentine astrophysicist Gloria Dubner, a renowned expert on the subject, will introduce the work by telling the public a little more about this spectacular celestial phenomenon.

Meanwhile, in the city, even in September, experimental opera welt-parliamentby Karlheinz Stockhausen for a cappella choir with a show around the audience. In this unusual session, a group of parliamentarians gather to discuss the meaning of love.

The theme serves as an excuse to display an impressive polyphony in which over 36 singers will surround the audience with phrases and syllables in a rhythmic-melodic pattern derived from a mathematical formula created by the composer.

The Unconventional Festival, in the City and Greater Buenos Aires, begins this Sunday, May 2.  photo press

The Unconventional Festival, in the City and Greater Buenos Aires, begins this Sunday, May 2. photo press

you can see in october experiment shaverBy Giorgio Battistelli, a musical work performed in a theater where there are sixteen actors, a narrator, four female voices and a percussionist protagonist.

Bakers, shoemakers, masons and other workers will take part in this natural activity. The content, sounds, smells and movements of his work, which he performs on stage, would be expressed with music and recited descriptions of instruments taken from Diderot and D’Alembert Encyclopdia.

Once the job was done, the bread would have been baked, a wall would be erected and a pair of shoes would be made in perfect sync with the score. Since its premiere in 1981, the work has been presented at more than 200 venues and festivals around the world.

from the balcony

Outdoor theatrical performances will be presented between October and November seventy balconies which can be seen from the corner balconies along the dry square of Cultural San Martín; A place in the center of Buenos Aires city.

The square would become a large audience, and the buildings would have balconies and windows that form the contours of the steps. An entirely new work will be presented, specially designed for this space, commissioned Argentinian stage director Lisandro Rodriguez.

During November, at Zirgu UNTREF space you can also enjoy speech symphony By Bar-Dame Duo (Switzerland), with a sound poem performance for two soloists and an “orchestra” of translators/performers.

To form this Symphony of Speech Sound, a large group of simultaneous translation interpreters, representatives of different linguistic communities that coexist in the city, will perform on stage as an orchestra.

In December, slaughterhouse fair Contemporary dance show will be scene inside the house! by Diana Seizinblum, where three dancers will put their bodies in check for traditional Argentine dances.

The work, which premiered in 2017, attempts to strip these dances of their historical burden and explore them as pure movement, to stage the tension between popular culture and “high culture”, indigenous and colonized.

It will also be a part of the programming in the city. wood By Michael Gordon, a minimalist percussion show that will take place at the Fundación Santander Hall in December.

There, six percussionists would place themselves in a circle, each with a piece of wood of a different size. This idea of ​​instruments stems from a quest by American composer Gordon to find electronic sonority after spending years devoted to producing orchestral works.

The Unconventional Festival features Martin Bauer’s general and artistic direction, Carolina Martin Ferro’s production coordination, Rodrigo de Caso’s artistic coordination, and Emanuel Fernández’s communication and design. According to the city’s culture minister Henry Avogadro“FNC is a project that has evolved in such a way that today it can extend to different municipalities.”


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